What Does Matrixyl® Do?

Have you ever tried to read and decode the ingredient list on the back of your favourite anti aging skincare product? If you have, you've most likely been perplexed by what these substances are and what they do for your skin and complexion.

Today, we deep-dive into the hot-topic ingredient Matrixyl®; we're going to talk about what Matrixyl® 3000 does and the advantages it could bring to your skin today.​
Whilst there is a plethora of anti aging skincare ingredients we could discuss, we've chosen Matrixyl® 3000 because it is the dominant ingredient in our popular collagen serum formula. ​

So what does Matrixyl® 3000 do for the skin?​ It is a potent ingredient that hydrates the skin while also combating visible signs of ageing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All forms of Matrixyl® are derived from Methionine Sulfone and Lysine. These peptides are also Lipopeptides, which occurs when Amino Acids are mixed with Fatty Acids. Amino acids are a known superfood for collagen in the skin.​

This serum formulation is one of our most game-changing skincare products yet, as it will help you achieve the softest, smoothest, and healthiest skin you've ever felt and seen.

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First off, what is Matrixyl® 3000?

Good question, and one that should be addressed before we can discuss Matrixyl® 3000's benefits. Matrixyl® 3000 is a peptide made up of two proteins, to put it simply. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a peptide is a protein that serves as one of our cells' building components. To put this in perspective, peptides are required for stimulating cell activity. Like mentioned above, it is a robust anti aging ingredient packed with Amino Acids, vital to the suppleness of the skin.

Unfortunately, as we age, our peptides lose their ability to interact effectively, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and dullness. So, does Matrixyl® Serum really work? In the aid of the battle against ageing skin?​

Let's talk about it.​

Viral TikTok Serum: Aprroved by Medical Professionals

The beauty industry is experiencing an electrifying transformation, thanks to the meteoric rise of TikTok influencers. From ordinary doctors and dermatologist to famous social media stars! The power of TikTok influencers is unprecedented. And it's not just because they have millions of followers—it's because their content is so captivating and effective.

These trendsetters are carrying an unprecedented level of influence, reshaping global skincare trends in ways we've never seen before. Their impact is so profound that they're not just changing peoples daily skincare routine; they're shaping the entire beauty market. So, what's the latest buzz when it comes to skincare/beauty trends that are setting TikTok on fire?

Right now, the most popular TikTok skincare trends involve skincare from Depology Skincare Matrixyl® 3000 Collagen Serum. With celebrities like Dermatologist/Dr. Shah, skincare influencers, and bloggers praising the product's ability to decrease signs of wrinkles and ageing, this serum has become a huge hit on TikTok. The serum has been shown to boost hydration by 46.31% and visibly decrease wrinkles by 5.25%.

The Origin of Matrixyl®

Matrixyl® is a trademark of Sederma, a cosmetic ingredient development firm. It was established using a series of anti-wrinkle actives that comprise Matrikine, a peptide that aids the proper functioning of many components of the skin's structure.

It became a tremendously popular and well-known active ingredient in the personal care market, notably in the anti-aging sector, after its introduction in 2000.

Another name for Matrixyl®? The Scientific name for Matrixyl® that is Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 (formerly Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3) Matrixyl® 3000 which is made from a combination of Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7 and Palmitoyl-Oligopeptide

What are the Benefits of Matrixyl® 3000 Serum?

  • Improves the Apperance of Wrinkles

If you're as obsessed with anti-aging as we are, you already know that plumper skin (thanks to collagen) and improved moisture (thanks to hyaluronic acid) will make your skin seem less wrinkled. It's that simple.

  • Enhanced Glow 

We all want glowing skin, and thankfully, achieving that glow is more attainable than we may think. To put it simply, glow is all about moisture. If your skin is dehydrated, you’ll look dull and tired. If your skin is moisturised, you’ll look lively and youthful. Matrixyl® 3000 helps to replenish moisture in exhausted skin cells, improving the shine and vitality of your skin.

  • Non-Irritating and Suitable for Sensitive Skin 

All too often, anti-aging products are formulated with some of the harshest, most irritating ingredients. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Matrixyl® 3000. Our formulation with this ingredient is gentle and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin - with no reported side effects! In a recent survey of 500 users, 96.2% said they had no reactions to our Matrixyl® 3000 Serum.

In other words, Matrixyl®3000 is safe and effective to use on almost all skin types.





Looking for other skincare products that pairs well with our serum and packs a serious anti-aging punch? Meet our Matrixyl® collection. Experience the ultimate wrinkle-fighting prowess of our products containing the trifecta formulation. With the perfect fusion of Matrixyl® 3000®, Matrixyl® Morphomics®, and Matrixyl® SYNTHE’6®, this powerful blend takes aim at the different types of wrinkles that develop over time.

These are the key ingredient that help with the important skin components like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, meaning you can fight the signs of aging naturally. Plus, with its clinically tested anti-aging effects, you can rest assured your skin will look refreshed, youthful, and radiant.



    An diligently made, age-defying moisturizer that will revive and renew your skin. Our cutting-edge formula, which is based on science, uses Matrixyl® 3000, Matrixyl® SYNTHE'6®, and Matrixyl® Morphomics® to target and treat different kinds of wrinkles.

    Our stunning moisturizer successfully restores youthfulness to your skin by supporting skin structure, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Feel the transformational results as your skin becomes younger-looking, more luminous, supple, and refreshed.

    OUR PICK :



    Scientific research has shown that the synthetic peptide Matrixyl® 3000 has anti-aging properties.

    Our serum is designed to target and inhibit the development of wrinkles while enhancing dermal and skin matrix. Multiple important advantages of Matrixyl® 3000 all contribute to the appearance of skin that is younger and healthier. Additionally, this matrixyl synthetase performs well when used with other skincare and anti-aging products.




How to layer Matrixyl®?

  1. Thoroughly cleanse and tone the skin

  2. Apply a few drops of Matrixyl® Serum onto your palm and massage gently onto your face. Make sure to apply generously to areas where age lines form easily such as the forehead and around the eyes.

  3. After the serum has absorbed fully into the skin, apply your favourite Micro- Dart patches. Once in contact with the skin, the Micro-Darts will start to dissolve and activate the serum into the skin.

  4. Apply your Tri-Active Peptide Complex Cream or your Retinol Face Cream to the face to help seal in key ingredients. If you are wearing patches, apply the moisturiser around the patches.

​For more in-depth tutorial: "How To Use Matrixyl 3000: Complete Guide"

Dēpology’s Uniquely Formulated Serum:

Our Matrixyl® 3000 serum has been specially formulated with premium ingredients to activate and optimize your micro dart treatment. Matrixyl® 3000 has multiple key benefits all leading to younger and healthier looking skin.

In our recent user survey, ¾ of all users reported noticeable benefits within 3-4 weeks of using our Matixyl 3000 Serum. Doctor & Dermatology Registrar Dr.Emma Amaofo Mensah noted that "Most products take a minimum of 4 weeks for people to notice effectiveness, with peal effectiveness often being noticed at 3 months."​.

This Matrixyl® synth also works well in combination with other anti wrinkle and skincare products.

Matrixyl 3000 Ingredients
  • Contains Matrixyl® 3000

Matrixyl® 3000 is a type of synthetic peptide used in skin care for its scientifically-proven ability which results in anti-aging effects.

Hyaluronic Acid 
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid

In a similar vein, Matrixyl® 3000 also helps with the production of hyaluronic acid, which again, is something your body naturally produces to help with moisture retention; however, as we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid we produce decreases.

With  Matrixyl® 3000 in your skincare arsenal, you don’t have to worry about this depleted supply. Regular use of products containing Matrixyl® 3000 will increase hyaluronic acid, ensuring skin looks moisturised, bright, and youthful.

Read this article to learn more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid.

Contains Glycerin
  • Contains Vegan Collagen

This innovative vegan collagen extract from yeast effectively diminishes signs of aging and delivers moisturizing benefits.

Contains Aloe Barbadensis 
  • Contains Aloe Barbadensis

Rich in vitamins A, C, D, and E, and packed with minerals, like zinc, potassium, and magnesium. This ingredient promotes healing in the skin while creating a barrier that helps moisturise and protect the skin.

Is Matrixyl® better than Retinol?

Anti-aging skin care chemicals such as Retinol and Matrixyl® are among the various options available to consumers. Choosing the right components for your skin might be difficult. Especially when you evaluate all of your possibilities. Also, keep in mind that they battle fine lines and wrinkles in somewhat different ways.

As you put together an anti-aging skin-care routine! Perhaps you're perplexed by the distinction. Is Matrixyl® the same as Retinol? Retinol is a vitamin A-derived natural skin care component. Matrixyyl, on the other hand, is a blend of synthetic peptides.

A Question asked often by consumers in the skincare industry, can you use Matrixyl® with Retinol? You are also receiving the effects of vitamin A.” Additionally, retinol also works to improve the penetration of peptide creams and serums which can help improve skin firmness. When combined, you'll improve the efficacy. If you've comfortably incorporated a retinol or retinoid product into your routine, there's no need to throw out your retinol! Matrixyl® and retinol work well together.

While both may aid in the attainment of your skin care goals, one may be more effective than the other. This is dependent on your skin type and the conditions you're seeking to resolve.

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Why Choose Dēpology’s Matrixyl® Serum?

In a recent user survey with 500 particpants conducted by Depology - 86% of consumers experienced substantial benefits to their skin after using our Matrixyl® Serum, with the majority of users seeing 2+ primary skin benefits. Hydrated skin, improved texture, wrinkle reduction, and firmer skin were amongst the achieved effects.

"The results of the survey are impressive. 500 respondents is a good cohort size, and over 73% of the respondents rated the product 8/10 or above in terms of effectiveness. It’s also very encouraging that 96% of respondents didn’t experience any adverse reactions" concluded Dr Emma Amaofo who reviewed our surveying process and results.

The answer should be relatively obvious, but just so we’re all on the same page about the effectiveness of this serum. What Dēpology products have Matrixyl® in them? We’ve added Matrixyl® 3000 to Dēpology‘s Collagen Serum to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by copying the behaviour and patterns of damaged collagen with the use of peptides.

In conclusion, Matrixyl® 3000 helps bring back necessary moisture to depleted skin cells, helping to improve glow and your skin's vibrancy for your naturally beautiful look.

Make sure your face is radiant and full of life by utilising the benefits of our Dēpology Full Range of Anti ageing Products. Try our products now! You won’t be disappointed! Thoughtfully designed products. Thoroughly selected ingredients. All with our community in mind. That is how we do it at Dēpology.

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