What Is Dynalift® In Skincare?

While it may seem more convenient to hold off on skin maintenance until you’re older, experts say that those as young as 25 begin to experience the initial signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. This is due to the lack of collagen that is produced in the skin as we age, leaving us more vulnerable to loss of firmness and elasticity. That’s where Dynalift® makes its introduction in our daily routines to save the day, as well as our skin.

What is Dynalift® and How Does It Work?

Created and produced by Sederma, a cosmetic ingredient specialist organization that has been innovating skincare for more than 50 years, the effects of Dynalift® are immediate, as it creates a durable, tightening effect that physically improves smoothness and radiance of the skin.

Derived from botanical extracts and synthetic polymers, Dynalift® has grown in popularity in recent years and has spread to all corners of the globe, from Asia to North America. This versatile ingredient can be used in light emulsions, serums, gels, creams, sprays, and more.

Dynalift® fulfills its function when the hydroxyl groups of the polyosides interact with each other, as well as the keratin of the corneocytes, ultimately forming a tightening film on the skin’s surface. The force of each bond creates a tension that results in a micro-lifting effect on the skin. There are many processes at work here that require little effort on your end. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the results appear almost instantly on your skin!


Skincare Benefits of Dynalift®

The proven benefits of Dynalift® are most applicable to the face, neck, and eye contour areas. When combined with other anti-aging ingredients, Dynalift® takes on an even greater significance.

Our new Pro-Firming Matrixyl® 3000 + Dynalift® Night Mask does all the work for you while you are asleep, leaving you ready to start a new day with firmer, tighter skin as well as a youthful, radiant appearance. Working together along the powerful ingredient Matrixyl®, which is loved by many for its ability to combat fine lines, Dynalift® contributes its proven track record of restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and preventing excess muscle formation in the skin.

For desired results, skincare users should apply the night mask two to three times per week, as the hydrating effects are almost immediate. You can leave the mask on overnight, or, if you’re interested in a quicker treatment, you can take it off after 15 minutes, rinsing the face afterward and continuing your normal skincare regimen. This mask is recommended for those of all skin types, especially those who are experiencing aging and sagging skin.


Conclusion: Dynalift® in skincare

Today it’s Dynalift®, tomorrow it will be another noteworthy ingredient taking the industry’s captivation and attention. It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly-changing skincare world in the age of social media and scientific innovation, but many have already sworn by Dynalift®, and its popularity is only increasing as its effects show no signs of diminishing. Who knows? Dynalift® may be your new favorite ingredient you incorporate into your skincare routine.