How To Use Matrixyl® 3000 Serum : Complete Guide

Nobody does Matrixyl® 3000 like we do.

We've spent years researching ingredients and products, and we've finally produced and curated the ideal collagen serum for your skin's needs. We've made it our mission to make sure you have the best skin possible at all times.

We've put together a complete guide on implementing Depology's Matrixyl® 3000 Collagen Serum in your skincare routine, including all of the dos and don'ts you may be unaware of. But first, consider why you need this incredible and effective solution in your skincare routine to treat your skin concerns.

The unholy trifecta of skin problems is dynamic lines, lack of firmness, and pigmentation.
Thank heavens, Depology Skincare Matrixyl® 3000 contains four important elements that take your skin's appearance to the next level and may be the serum you've been looking for to solve your troubles. A powerful peptide complex minimize fine lines and wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid nourishes and plumpifies skin. This versatile serum is a must-have in your anti-aging arsenal.

how to use matrixyl® 3000 serum in your routine


  1. Cleanse and tone the skin thoroughly.

  2. Simply add a few drops of serum to your palm and gently massage it over your face, neck, and hands, or any other places where wrinkles are more prominent.

    Apply liberally to areas prone to wrinkles as we age, such as the forehead and around the eyes.
    Our water-based serums combine well with various anti-aging serums especially our Argireline™ peptide complex serum to improve the overall skin.

  3. Additional choice apply your favourite Micro-Dart patches once the serum has completely absorbed into the skin. When the Micro-Darts come into touch with the skin, they begin to dissolve and activate the serum.

  4. Finishing with applying moisturiser to your face so it can effectively lock in key ingredients.
    Apply the moisturiser around the patches if you are wearing them.


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Natasha B (The Beauty Junkie Monkey @beautyjm0) has become a popular familiar face in the skincare world when her TikTok serums suggestions that went viral.

The tiktok skincare influencer/creator/beauty guru is also a professional skincare consultant and licensed esthetician who has showcased products that have assisted women of all ages in slowing down the ageing process. She recently left her 15-year employment as an police officer serving her community to become a beauty consultant, designing and creating skincare routines tailored to women's skin goals.

best matrixyl® 3000 pairing ingredients :

  • Hylauronic Acid = ✅ Matrixyl
    Our major ingredient, Hylauronic Acid, aids in the binding of water to collagen, retaining it in the skin for a plumper, more hydrated appearance. Our supercharged serum is designed to moisturise the skin while also combating visible signs of ageing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Niacinamide = ✅ Matrixyl

    Yes, mixing niacinamide and peptides is perfectly safe.
    When these two heavyweights are combined, the skin's lipid barrier retains the right quantities of water and oil, strengthening it and allowing it to protect the skin's surface from hazardous free radical damage.

  • Retinol + Tretinoin = ✅ Matrixyl

    Unlike retinol, matrixyl is less likely to cause irritation and undesirable skin side effects such as an increased risk of UV damage. If you've been using retinol or retinoid creams for a long, there's no reason to get rid of them. Matrixyl and retinols work really well together.
    Look for a Matriyxl 3000 product that addresses additional skin concerns in addition to retinol.

  • Copper Peptides = ✅ Matrixyl

    Copper peptides, , act as an antioxidant, protects collagen and elastin in the skin, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." Copper is also an anti-inflammatory that stimulates wound healing, making it ideal for the treatment of scarring, pigmentation, and redness produced by inflammation according to Natasha B.

avoid pairing matrixyl® 3000 with :

Although matrixyl is beneficial to the skin, it does pose some hazards due to the presence of other chemicals like as vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, BHA, such as salicylic acid, and other acids, such as the popular AHA, glycolic acid. Matrixyl as well as other peptides do not combine well with acid.

  • Lactic Acid (AHA) + Salicylic Acid (BHA) + Mandelic Acid = ❌ Matrixyl

    If you're using a Lactic Acid or Salicylic Acid exfoliator, try not to use Matrixyl at the same time. They all have their own unique benefits, so if you use more than one at once, you may not get the best results. It's similar to Retinol, and it doesn't play well with acids. You can use Lactic Acid or Salicylic Acid on their own, but we recommend layering them with a hydrating moisturizer. That way, you'll be able to seal in their effects and make sure your skin stays moisturized.

  • Glycolic Acid (AHA) = ❌ Matrixyl

    Other strong actives to avoid combining with Matrixyl are Glycolic acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA), particularly glycolic acid and salicylic acid, both of which are powerful exfoliants that can cause irritation when combined with matrixyl. As a result, you should never pair them on the same night. For the most effective results, apply on different days.

  • Vitamin C ❌+ (AHAs) + (BHAs) = ❌ Matrixyl

    Due to its fragile nature, vitamin C is a hard element on its own, and it sadly does not play well with other ingredients. Vitamin C is wonderful for brightening the skin, which is why it's found in many brightening serums, but brightening is merely code for exfoliating, which is also the primary role of AHAs. Combining the two on the same day may harm your skin barrier and create irritation, so apply them separately.

    Matrixyl works similarly to retinol in terms of wrinkle reduction, but these peptides help rebuild skin and cannot do so efficiently when Vitamin C is present, so use them at night and Vitamin C in the morning.

  • Mandelic Acid = ❌ Matrixyl

    Mandelic acid is an acne and hyperpigmentation exfoilant. Other AHAs, such as glycolic acid, and BHAs, such as salicylic acid, should be avoided when used with mandelic acid, as should retinol and matrixyl 3000.

  • Azelic Acid = ❌ Matrixyl

    Due to the hydrolysis vulnerability of peptides, we do not recommend combining direct acids such as Azelic Acid with peptides like (Matrixyl 3000). This process will breaks the bonds between peptides, reducing their efficacy, and making them into individual amino acids)

is matrixyl 3000 suitable for all skin types?

Is this something you're interested in?

The Matrixyl® 3000 Collagen Serum can be used by all genders, and on any skin type. Whether your skin is dry, oily, normal, sensitive or mature, this serum is ideal for nearly everyone looking to minimise the effects of skin ageing.
It is alson Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Artificial Fragrance-Free, Sulphate-Free

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final thoughts : does matrixyl® 3000 really work?

As you can see, the multiple benefits of collagen anti-aging peptides and ever lasting results speak for themselves.
However, using a collagen peptide serum is about much more than just looking good. We realise that here at Depology, it's also about giving your face some gentle loving care and treating it with the respect it deserves.

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