What Does Bakuchiol Do For The Skin?

It’s common knowledge by this point what retinol can do for aging skin. Retinol is considered a skincare staple if you want to retain that youthful glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Though it comes with its less-than-desirable side effects in the beginning when the skin is adjusting to its properties, many have considered the trial period worth it for the proven results.

What if there was a milder, gentler alternative to retinol? An ingredient that required less patience and time to adapt to its interaction with your skin? That’s where bakuchiol (pronounced buh-koo-chee-all) comes into the picture, a natural plant extract that promotes skin cell renewal to enhance the appearance of the skin.

If this lesser-known retinoid is such a powerful and effective ingredient, why hasn’t it caught on faster? Some secrets are better kept as just that, but it won’t be long before bakuchiol makes its way to the top of the list with its sister, retinol when it comes to preventing the formation of and targeting aging signs.

What is Bakuchiol and where does it come from?

Often referred to as “retinol’s other half,” bakuchiol is currently the third strongest
form of retinoids being utilized in the skincare industry. While there are several types of retinol, available both OTC and by prescription-only, bakuchiol has grown in popularity due to the effects of retinol on some users. Bakuchiol contains more gentle effects, making it a more appealing option to many, particularly those with sensitive skin.

Bakuchiol is a plant extract that has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries and is beginning to sustain a household name in the West. An antioxidant found in the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, it has been found to produce effective anti-aging effects, as well as firmness and increased elasticity in the skin.

Though not a vitamin A derivative like most retinoids, this characteristic makes it less irritating and overall a universal ingredient for all skin types. Even though it may not share all the same properties, bakuchiol still works through the same receptors used by retinol, albeit more naturally. This is why you may often hear skincare users refer to bakuchiol as a “vegan” alternative.

Bakuchiol is a plant extract that has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries

Bakuchiol skin benefits & side effects

Remarkably, there don’t seem to be many negative side effects from incorporating bakuchiol into your skincare regimen. Compared to its other siblings in the retinoid family, bakuchiol’s less irritating traits make it a go-to ingredient for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Soothing properties are a primary component of bakuchiol, enticing users from their initial interaction with the retinoid. These properties work to comfort the skin and minimize issues in terms of skin sensitivity. These calming capabilities are also effective at building up the skin’s tolerance to retinol, allowing you to use more of the product with fewer negative side effects that are known to occur with retinol in the initial stages, such as burning and redness. Not only will you be able to enjoy all the benefits retinol has to offer, but the effects will last for a longer period.

Consistent application of bakuchiol leads to firmer, more youthful skin in no time. For those looking to treat a condition quickly or if you simply don’t want to wait long to see desired results, bakuchiol is a guaranteed success story your skin will be thanking you for.

The plant-based antioxidant has been shown to help with several concerns outside of wrinkles. Skin tone/texture, hydration, hyperpigmentation, and acne flare-ups/breakouts are all just a few concerns that are resolved with the assistance of bakuchiol.

what is bakuchiol used for? 

Proper layering of skincare products and the order in which you use them is worth noting in your skincare routine. Especially when it comes to skin type or conditions, some products are heavier than others and should be applied after lightweight products. When implementing bakuchiol into the mix, you should always make sure the ingredients you want to reap benefits from are listed towards the top of the label, insinuating that these are the active ingredients.

Serums, oils, and lotions containing bakuchiol are more effective when used with lightweight formulas so that they can be easily layered with other ingredients. Heavier formulas should be applied only at night as the last step in your skincare routine.  

How to Apply to your routine

Cleansing the skin should always be the first step of any skincare regimen. After cleansing, it’s best to pat dry the skin rather than rub it dry. This goes for after bathing too, as it will be less irritating for the skin. Once your skin is dried off yet still damp, you can apply your products.

This step varies depending on a person’s desired goals in terms of skincare, skin type, and any conditions that make their skin more sensitive to certain ingredients. What attracts so many to bakuchiol is its versatility in being able to be mixed with other ingredients and its compatibility with all skin types.

Once you have finished applying all of your desired products, you should always moisturize your skin. Maintaining hydration is essential to retaining youthful-looking skin and even bakuchiol will help with this process. If you do happen to have sensitive skin, applying moisturizer before any products containing bakuchiol may prove to be more beneficial for your routine.

Our innovative Moisturizing Caviar Multi-Balm Stick, a skincare trend that continues to build a following within the industry, is a low-maintenance option for optimized moisturization. The multi-balm stick contains bakuchiol as an active ingredient with the ability to restore firmness and elasticity to the skin in just a few seconds, thus ensuring skin health maintenance has never been easier or more convenient. Best of all? The multi-balm stick can be applied throughout the day and even over make-up and sunscreen, ensuring your skin is always moisturized and well-taken care of in the drier months.

Bakuchiol products can be used up to two times per day in the morning and night due to their milder properties, unlike retinol which is generally only used before sleeping. This is due to increased skin sensitivity from the sun’s UV rays when interacting with retinol.

You’re probably going to predict this next sentence, but getting into a routine of applying sunscreen before leaving the house (once you have applied all your products except for make-up) will leave your future self thanking you for providing that extra barrier against the sun. Investing in a sunscreen/moisturizer hybrid product can be beneficial for those looking to save time and ensure their skin is protected when venturing outdoors.

Speaking of maximizing effects and convenience, bakuchiol can be paired with its sister, retinol for full efficacy. If you’re looking to expand upon moisturizing effects, utilizing squalene with bakuchiol will provide this result for you, as squalene is a well-known moisturizing compound.

Not all of the ingredients from the bakuchiol plant operate in the same way, so it’s going to require some patience and trial and error on your part. When introducing your skin to any new compound, there is bound to be a transitional phase with some users.

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Depology's Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum Stick is a cutting-edge nightly skincare essential. Boasting a rich balm-like texture, it promises to rejuvenate the skin, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and texture. Central to its potency is the fusion of Bakuchiol and HPR, a gentle retinoid pair known for skin refinement and anti-aging.

Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative supports the skin without typical retinol irritation. This is complemented by HPR's complexion-enhancing properties. The formula is enriched with hydrating fatty acids and Turmeric, which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits through its key component, curcumin. Designed to shield against environmental stressors and soothe skin, Bakuchiols serum stick is apt for all skin types, especially those seeking anti-aging solutions without sensitivity concerns. For a luminous, youthful glow, nightly application is key.

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Conclusion : what does bakuchiol do

Though a milder retinoid, bakuchiol can still cause symptoms such as redness and irritation. As long as you don’t have any noticeable issues, bakuchiol is safe to use daily and the skin should build up a tolerance rather quickly.

Since this powerful antioxidant is relatively new to the industry, especially in Western medicine, more research still needs to be conducted to fully understand the positive and negative qualities of the compound. You should always consult a specialist if you have any questions regarding your health concerning skin care.

With the proper steps and precautions, you too can embark on the bakuchiol journey to vibrant, firmer skin.