What Is Caviar Anti Aging Stick? - Benefits, Ingredients, and Usage

Everyone knows that moisturising creams, gels and mists are a must for any daily skin care routine. But did you know there's also a whole world of other products that do the same job?

One of them is our all in one Moisturizing Caviar Anti Aging Multi Balm Stick. Packed with antioxidants, the anti-aging balm has a light and creamy texture that melts into skin, encouraging hydration. It is gentle enough to be used on the face, neck and eyes.

Our goal is straight forward: to assist you in locating anti-aging skin care treatments and routines that are supported by real science rather than empty promises. Dēpology's products includes everything to help protect and rejuvenate your skin on the go aswell as when you get older.

Reading about anti-aging skin care treatments can be intimidating for someone who doesn't know much about skin care, hair care, or any other type of beauty related topic. Dēpology breaks down how every product and treatment works, why it works so well, and how to use it to get the best results. Lets dive in shall we?....

what is the caviar multi balm stick used for?

Create a moisture barrier on the go with our Multi-Balm stick. Formulated with Caviar and supercharged anti-aging ingredients, this formula will instantly smooth out your wrinkles and provide long-lasting hydration to your skin. This serum-infused balm stick will create an instant hydrating layer to your skin, allowing you to feel confident, no matter what the day brings. The new formulation of this formula now also includes Bakuchiol (a natural alternative to Retinol). This small size stick makes it easy to fit in any purse or bag!

Add luxury to your skin care routine with this moisturizing caviar balm stick, infused with unique anti-aging ingredients. This balm stick will help restore elasticity to your skin, as it hydrates and plumps for instantly younger looking skin in seconds. This can be used to prevent makeup from drying and caking through the day, on top of foundation or alone as a serum.


4 key ingredients in our MULTI BALM stick

    Caviar extract is an emollient active ingredient that benefits the skin primarily by increasing hydration, moisture levels, and plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

    Jojoba is an antioxidant that is renowned for its moisturising and antimicrobial properties; it may aid in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin.

    A strong antioxidant that may be used topically to the skin and has been shown to enhance skin texture and elasticity, reduce the size of age spots, and even treat crow's feet.

    Other advantages include photoprotection, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Bakuchiol is a plant-based chemical that has been shown to be just as efficient as retinol at treating fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone while being less irritating.

    Bakuchiol stimulates the genetic route in skin cells to produce several forms of collagen that are beneficial to skin health and anti-aging.


our choice of multi balm STICK for dry skin

The Caviar Multi Balm Stick is a two-in-one moisturising balm that eliminates wrinkles while also brightening and evening your skin tone. On dry skin, this balm develops a moisturising layer/coating on the surface of your skin. It's great on the go and can be easily applied on the face, around the eyes, neck, and even your hands! Any areas prone to wrinkles and ageing, apply Dēpology's Multi Balm Anti Aging Stick. This balm will instantly replenish the area with hydration giving off an instant glow.


  • Gently apply the moisturizing balm on to skin from inward to outward motions, be gentle around the delicate eye area.

  • Generously apply to neck area in upward motions to hydrate fine lines and crevices in the skin.

  • This balm is also great to apply before makeup- to help prevent caking and cracks through it's deep hydration.

  • This balm stick can be used to prevent makeup from drying and caking through the day and can be easily applied on top of foundation.


So, whether you're trying to protect your skin from icy winds when skiing in the alps in the winter, stay hydrated after a day at the beach in hawaii, or moisturize your face while wearing full make-up at a party, this all-natural multifunctional balm stick has you covered.

For the woman who wants to look and feel her best. Caviar Balm Stick is a moisturizing, anti-aging balm stick that treats and reduces the appearance of fine lines, dry skin and inflammation while nourishing and plumping your skin. Infused with luxurious ingredients this balm can be used on all skin types.

Glow on the go with this easy to use multi-balm stick. ​