What are Bunny Lines?

What do Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, and Kim Cattrall have in common? They have all vocalized their experiences with bunny lines. Yes, even celebrities and pop culture icons still need to worry about those pesky aging signs forming on their skin. What you may not be aware of is that you don’t necessarily need savings to treat your skincare woes. Depending on the issue, and when it comes to these types of fine lines, in particular, no action can be just as good a solution.

So, what are these adorable lines everyone keeps talking about, and should you be concerned about having them?

What are Bunny Lines?

Despite their endearing name, bunny lines aren’t an attractive phrase for many who experience them. Also referred to as “nose wrinkles,” these lines are indicated as tiny creases on the sides of the nose just below the bridge that are slightly diagonal in shape. They get the name “bunny lines” due to their appearance when a person scrunches up their nose or they laugh/smile. If you see lines creasing around your nose, you have bunny lines.

Before you panic, you should know that bunny lines are extremely common among humans. While they might seem inconvenient and unappealing, they can for the most part be left alone unless an individual specifically wants to target the affected area. They may be tiny but any type of lines and wrinkles can deepen over time, making it harder for them to be treated and their appearance lessened.

Caused by the repeated facial movements of the nasalis muscle contracting repeatedly, bunny lines vary from person to person. If you tend to be someone who doesn’t crinkle your nose when laughing, smiling, or grinning, your lines aren’t going to be as prominent.

If you’ve never noticed whether or not you have bunny lines, a simple way is to test in the mirror. If you see several diagonal lines at the top of your nose and on the sides when scrunching your face, you’ll know if you should consider treatment for these nose wrinkles.

Treatments to reduce bunny lines from forming

Ironically, injectables are one of the primary causes and treatments for bunny lines. The use of too many injectables between the eyebrows can ultimately cause the formation of bunny lines. The solution? More injections!

You read that right. When receiving injectable treatments, they contain highly poisonous substances that work to attack the nervous system. The reason injectables are considered a safe procedure is due to the small amounts of these substances in each injection. Rather than harming us internally, the injections block the neurotransmitter “acetylcholine,” leading to muscle paralysis of the face.

Even though the mention of poisonous substances sounds intimidating, injectables are one of the safest anti-aging procedures out there and are ultimately more effective than topical treatments. Injection results tend to last for several months before requiring treatment further to maintain the effects and prevent further aging signs.

There is a reason injections are so popular among skincare enthusiasts, the size of the needle for these procedures isn’t as invasive as other methods. They also require practically no recovery period compared to other skincare treatments, allowing you to continue your daily activities almost immediately, your muscles being a bit more relaxed in the process.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to injectables. Rather than only focusing on the benefits, it’s important to contemplate how you are going to pay for such a procedure. Unfortunately, injections are not typically covered by insurance plans (in the United States, but also in many other countries, as they are deemed cosmetic rather than essential procedures). In the United States, injections can be priced anywhere from $300 to $1,000, ranging from $10-15 per unit (shot).

A plus side when it comes to determining the overall cost is that the doctor’s visits for this procedure are relatively straightforward. There’s no need to worry about anesthesia costs because you are either going to receive a topical anesthetic before the injection or ice on the designated area. There is no need for this treatment to be provided in a hospital, so the only financial element to focus on is the injectable treatment itself.

There are also some negative side effects when it comes to skincare injections. Swelling and bruising of the injection site are quite common up to 48 hours after the procedure. Some patients have also reported experiencing fatigue and headaches, although these symptoms aren’t as common.

If you are feeling any hesitation or have a condition that needs to be addressed before you can undergo treatment, you should consult with the specialist who will be performing the injection. They can help you in determining what the best treatment plan is for you and your skincare needs.

With all this being said, injectables aren’t recommended for everyone. If you can afford to hold off on them, that might be better for your skin and overall health. Most of us start to show signs of aging in our 30s as our skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity, leaving it vulnerable to free radicals and environmental factors that damage its protective barrier.

Teenagers and those in their 20s should look to make lifestyle changes in their exercise and diet patterns rather than seeking solace in the needle. There will be plenty of time for doctor’s visits once you’re blowing out the candles on your thirtieth birthday cake!

If injectables happen to not be your preferred treatment, following through with a rigorous skincare regimen can be beneficial without having to leave the comfort of your home. Though not as effective and not lasting as long, the use of retinol on the sides of the nose, along with sunscreen before leaving the house in the morning, has been known to help those who are experiencing bunny lines, being a more natural approach to the issue.


how you can get rid of bunny lines on your face
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: Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum is a noteworthy alternative for those who aren’t looking to venture into doctor’s offices. Argireline™ is a peptide that essentially replicates the effects of injectables without the nuisance of a needle. A bit of application on both sides of the nose helps the muscles to stop contracting as frequently, treating unwanted bunny lines as well as hindering the formation of new wrinkles.

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Supercharged Micro-Dart Patches

Take your skincare to the next level, painlessly. This all-in-one patch will deliver Deepcare+™ serum directly into your skin's surface and goes deep into the dermis for an optimal, effective result against bunny lines under your eyes. With micro darts infused with 30mg of active per patch and 1000 micro darts per sheet, our sebum control patch is designed to go beyond the surface of your skin and penetrate deep into your pores to relieve unwanted shine.

summary: how to get rid of bunny lines

Before coming to a decision, no matter what the skincare concern is, you should always seek consultation from a professional, especially if there is a procedure in the conversation. A specialist can help you in determining if you should undergo clinical treatment or if there is a more natural alternative for you to benefit from, such as at-home OTC
topical products.

The important thing to remember about bunny lines is that these lines aren’t as prevalent or noticeable as other fine lines that form from the aging process and facial expressions. Only appearing when the necessary muscles are at work, it’s ultimately up to you in how you want to handle nose wrinkles, whether it’s living alongside them or evicting them from the premises.