What are the Benefits of Olea Europaea?

Traditional antioxidants such as vitamin C and glycerin are old news. Research continues to innovate and find new methods to keep not only your body healthy but your skin’s protective barriers, preventing aging signs and further damage to the epidermis. A new ingredient that has been entering users’ skincare routine is Olea Europaea, an olive tree that contains an olive leaf extract with anti-bacterial, viral, and cancer capabilities, as well as numerous other benefits.

The plant contains an active compound called “oleuropein,” which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an alternative to everyday skincare that may not have been on your radar previously. You might be surprised at all of the capabilities of this extract.

Girl applying Olea Europaea on her skin for anti aging


Health Benefits of Olea Europaea


  • Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s Disease

The powerful effects of antioxidants in the plant extract tend to help with preventing damage to the brain over time. Through several research studies, scientists have noticed a trend in the loss of dopamine, the chemical in your brain that assists in mood elevation.

This chemical loss could be part of why those with Alzheimer’s disease have less effective memories. Ensuring the appropriate dopamine neurons remain at a healthy level can work to prevent the onset of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which more specifically targets the nerves and muscle cells.


  • Cardiovascular Health

The extract in particular is known for its notable health benefits targeting the cardiovascular system. Olea Europa helps in preventing LDL (low-density lipoprotein, or the bad cholesterol), from building up in and clogging the arteries leading to the heart. On top of these beneficial health effects, it also can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. For those who experience these conditions, it may be worth implementing into your routine.


  • Diabetes

Perhaps one of the most popular benefits of the extract is its known positive effects on the treatment and prevention of diabetes. In particular, it has been evident to help those who experience Type 2 diabetes rather than Type 1, which is generally a more serious diagnosis that requires more maintenance.

The antioxidants found in the extract work to enhance insulin secretion as well as increase glucose (or sugar) uptake by the cells. By producing these effects, the glucose won’t remain in the blood and alter blood sugar levels or absorb excess starch.

It is important to note that Olea Europa should not be a substitute for the standard medical treatment received for those with Type 2 diabetes. You should always be on an understanding with your doctor in terms of what needs to be done daily for your condition to remain under control. The plant extract is simply an extra step you can take in preventing or keeping your diagnosis in check.


  • Immune System Support

Not only are the antioxidants able to help with cardiovascular health and diabetes, but they are highly recommended for an extra boost to the immune system. Olea Europa oil works to fight illnesses such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis, influenza, and rotavirus, to name a few. This is due to the antiviral properties in the oil which help in the prevention of illnesses or lessen their effects and symptoms.

Young people, especially athletes, who are more active and consistently exposing themselves to viruses, are more susceptible to upper respiratory infections. A study regarding this concept was conducted on this demographic. Each group of participants received either a form of the oil extract or a placebo daily. Those who received the antioxidant experienced shorter periods of upper respiratory infections compared to the placebo recipients who were infected for longer periods.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, studies have begun to research the effects of Olea Europa oils on SARS-CoV-2. Rather than being solely used, it has been combined with other substances and antioxidants to reduce the effects of the coronavirus.

Further research is still required to fully understand the benefits of utilizing the extract for this illness, as well as other viruses. Though many results have been produced from these case studies, they remain limited in their capacity to fully understand their competency.


  • Weight Management

If you feel you’ve tried everything in terms of watching your diet and making lifestyle changes, Olea Europa extract might be a solution. Similar to its effects on respiratory illnesses and other health benefits, much research on the oils is simply too recent for many studies to be confirmed.

However, studies thus far have been shown to assist in preventing weight gain and obesity, as well as lowering body fat content and monitoring overeating. These studies have been conducted mostly on animals and more trials on humans still need to be performed.

When it comes to skincare, the Argireline Anti-Aging Eye Stick utilizes Olea Europa olive fruit oil to its maximum efficacy. The oil extract is implemented into the formula as an active ingredient, working mildly for all types of skin. If you’re looking for soft and silky skin, along with diminishing fine lines and other premature aging signs, these three protagonists may be the formula you’ve been searching for.


Potential Side Effects of olea europa

Though Olea Europa has several health benefits, you should remain aware of possible side effects that come attached with the oil. Since there are still many studies that need to be completed to fully understand the positive and negative effects, products containing the antioxidant should be tested in smaller dosages first if you are unsure of your body or skin’s reaction.

A major side effect that has been known to result from Olea Europa is allergy reactions since pollen in the olive leaf can trigger some of these respiratory symptoms. Other potential symptoms include stomach irritation, diarrhea, acid reflux, and heartburn. If you experience any symptoms that are intruding on your daily life, stop use immediately and consult a physician if symptoms continue to worsen.

Since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t regulate nutritional supplements regularly, there is no official dosage recommendation when using products containing these antioxidants. Starting with a daily range of 500-1,000mg or consulting with a doctor will be an assured starting point.

Despite possible side effects from supplements containing the extract, olive leaves have been a consistent staple in the Mediterranean diet for centuries, deeming it more than safe to consume and enjoy for its health benefits. It should, however, be avoided while pregnant and breastfeeding, as there isn’t enough research to know for sure the effects it has on fetal development.

Conclusion : Olea europaea in skincare

Though more research needs to be conducted, particularly in human trials regarding certain benefits, there’s no doubt that Olea Europa is a promising new addition to the industry whose superpowers are still left to be discovered. It can be intimidating to search for all the options out there when it comes to skincare, as well as incorporating new ingredients into your routine. Never feel pressured to rush a new product into your regimen. Everyone has different needs when it comes to skincare and eventually, you will discover what works for you.