When To Use Argireline™ Peptide In Your Routine?

Even if you have a dedicated anti-aging routine, you still may notice fine lines and wrinkles popping up around your eyes or on your forehead. It's a natural part of getting older, but even though they're beautiful and sign that you're living life, they still might be seen as signs of aging. Whether we like it or not, when they start to appear, some of us might reach for serums and moisturizers to "smooth" or "reverse." They might even make some consider more invasive procedures like fillers or injectables.

But, before you get there, there's one TikTok product that people think could be a needle- and pain-free technique to stop wrinkles in their tracks.
The Depology Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum has been dubbed a less invasive way to prevent muscles contraction around your face from forming by some users, ranging from Skincare specialist to dermatologist on the Tiktok.

While it's not impossible to turn back the clock, some of us still want to help our skin look fresh and young. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for younger-looking skin that are natural, affordable, and easy to incorporate into your routine.

what does Argireline™ solution do?


The peptide acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8 is known as Argireline™.
Peptides are amino acids that aid in the production of proteins such as collagen and elastin, and they are a frequent element in cosmetic products.

Argireline™, like botulinum toxin , works by restricting your nerves' capacity to send signals to your muscles, decreasing the movements that cause wrinkles. It was one of the first topical compounds to be demonstrated to have an effect on muscle contraction. If you would like more information, please see our other blogs on this topic :

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Note: ARGIRELINE™ is a registered trademark of Lipotec S.A.U. of Barcelona.

Is it effective?  does argireline™ work?

Many have asked the same questions on this miracle ingredient. Argireline™is the closest topical chemical we have to Botulinum toxin. However, Argireline™-containing serum does not come close to the effects that botulinum toxins truly deliver.

Wrinkles, such as crow's feet around your eyes or vertical "11" lines on your forehead, are created by muscular spasms deep beneath the skin.
Injectable treatments provided by your dermatologist can be tailored to the precise region and depth required to reduce these contractions. Using Argireline™solutions applied to the skin.

The formulation will have an impact on how deeply it can penetrate the skin. When buying, look for products that do not include alcohol, especially if your skin is dry. Argireline™is difficult to synthesise, and some companies mix it with alcohols, which undermines its moisturising action.
That is why Depology serums are water-based serums containing hylauronic acid, which aids in the retention of moisture in the skin.


Argireline™is suitable for those aged 25 and up. But, because we use our faces virtually every second of our life, it affects the flexibility of our skin and causes wrinkles to appear, so why not start now? Unfortunately, collagen production also starts to drop around our mid-twenties.
This is especially true in women because menopause induces considerable collagen loss in the first five years.

As a result, we've curated the Matrixyl 3000 Collagen Serum, perfectly intended to assist with our Argireline™ Defense Wrinkle Serum. To maintain a youthful appearance, choose this peptide to diminish the appearance of deep folds or creases caused by repetitive muscle action. The peptide is best for targeted application on areas such as the crinkles around your eyes, the '11' between your brows, and forehead wrinkles.

Argireline™ has been called a "safe alternative" to Botulium Toxin, which requires a doctor's visit for application. Injectables is typically administered by a trained doctor and can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 for a single treatment. This can add up to thousands of dollars if you need multiple injections over time. Depology Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum is comprised of the key peptide which is Argireline™ solution, that works by relaxing facial muscles responsible for creating wrinkles and lines. Argireline™ stops the contraction of those muscles so that they cannot pull on the skin.

how to use Argireline™?

As you age, the skin around your eyes and mouth shows signs of stress and the effects of time. This peptide is best for targeted application on areas with deep folds or creases caused by repetitive muscle action, such as the crinkles around your eyes, the '11' between your brows, and forehead wrinkles.

Check out Natasha B skilled skincare consultant, trained esthetician & beauty guru (Also known as BeautyJunkyMonkey @beautyjm0) demonstrates how to combine Depology's Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum with Matrixyl 3000 Collagen Serum in this video.

" I have some finicky skin, but I have to say, this peptide is working wonders on targeted application on areas with deep folds or creases caused by repetitive muscle action. The formula is light and easy to apply, but it does take some time to see results. I was worried that after only a week of use, I wouldn't see any difference in my '11' between my brows and forehead wrinkles, but after a month, they're already significantly lighter & tighter! "
- Natasha B


conclusion : When should i use Argireline™?

Argireline™ is a novel anti-aging ingredient, which relaxes facial muscles to smooth wrinkles and firm facial contours. This product, derived from amino acid, was designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It has also been found to improve skin hydration, suppleness and firmness. Allow your skin a chance to relax with the anti-wrinkle serum, Depology's Peptide Complex Serum consist of key ingredients of argireline. Argireline™ relaxes facial muscles, resulting in a reduction of lines, wrinkles, and even sagging skin. Apply a few drops to your problem areas daily for best results!

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