What Time Should I Do My Night Skincare Routine?

It can be intimidating to know where to start when it comes to a proper skincare routine. Not only are there so many products to choose from, but they all serve a specific function. If you don’t know what to use each product for, you’re most likely not going to get the results you’re looking for.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with everything from what steps you should take in your routine and when is the best time to perform your skincare (yes, it’s recommended to do skincare both in the AM and PM!).

Why is bedtime face routine so Important?


Our skin is exposed to a lot of damage throughout the day. The skin combats dirt, UV rays, grime, air pollutants, and so forth. While an AM routine prepares your skin for the day with an extra layer of protection, your PM routine helps to maintain healthy skin overnight so it can heal from the external agents it has been fighting all day.

Your nightly skincare routine is crucial to implement due to our skin cells regeneratiing the fastest at night. These products help contribute to the increased blood flow that reaches the skin as we sleep and naturally repair overnight.

What is an Effective day and night skincare routine?


How do you know where to start? The most important detail to begin with is to remove your face of all the external grime that has built up during the day. If you’re a regular wearer of make-up, be sure to use make-up remover before proceeding further with your skincare routine.

Next, apply your cleanser of choice. Cleansing your face after applying make-up remover ensures that your face is clean and ready for skincare treatments, as the initial remover only gets the first layer of dirt off of your face and this will also remove any traces of makeup that was leftover.

Always use toner after cleansing, if you have toner available. This step is important because toner essentially gets your skin ready for your skincare routine. Think of it as pre-gaming for your skin, if you will.

Once you’ve applied your toner, you’re ready to apply any serums necessary, depending on what you’re looking for in skincare. The great thing about serums is that they are more specialized to target certain parts of the body. You can apply serums towards fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, and so on.

After you’ve finished with your chosen serums, it’s time to moisturize your skin after all the formulas you have just absorbed into your skin. Moisturizing not only helps to keep the skin hydrated but to add a layer of protection for your skincare so that the products don’t escape the skin faster.

You may also apply eye creams if preferred in this step which can be beneficial due to the lack of skin around the eyes. This is the thinnest amount of skin on the face, so it’s wise and highly recommended to take care of this area on a regular basis, as it’s often the first spot to show signs of aging.

Now that the hard tasks are over, you can treat yourself with a face mask if you like! Especially in winter, don’t forget about your lips! The area around your lips and the lips themselves get dehydrated just as much as the rest of your skin. Applying lip balm regularly will help to manage this problem.

Extra Steps to Take for PM Skincare
(Recommended Time)

You’re a master in skincare now. You know all the tricks to get the results you desire. You’ve discovered your favorite brands and are starting to feel confident in your skin again. While we know we should perform proper skincare treatments two times a day, when exactly is the best time to apply our products?

The AM skincare routine is a bit more straightforward. You’re going to want to cleanse your face and apply your products (the AM routine is a bit different) before you head out the door so that your skin is ready to take on its enemies.

At night, it can sometimes be best to do your skincare routine as soon as you get home and are settled in for the evening. This will help to ensure you don’t forget to perform your skincare remedies due to fatigue as it gets late.

Another reason not waiting until right before you go to bed is advised is so that you give your skin proper time for your creams, serums, oils galore to absorb into the skin. You’ll want to wait a good ten to twenty minutes before putting your face against the pillow to ensure you don’t get product residue all over your pillowcases.

There are even more tricks for maintaining healthy skin. Common avoidances such as coffee and smartphone screens before bed will help you drift into a more natural slumber and assist with skin cell repair.

Sleeping on your back is typically recommended by medical professionals as the healthiest way to sleep, especially for your skin. Sleeping with your face on the pillowcase overnight can often result in premature wrinkles that are rarely welcomed by anyone.

If you do happen to find that you toss and turn in your sleep and your face hits the pillow, try investing in silk pillowcases. This fabric causes less friction as you move around in your sleep, thus accelerating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Conclusion : what is the best time to do skincare?

Like any other skill, it’s important to know the basic skincare rules before bending them. Everyone is going to find what works best for them and you will too! Don’t be intimidated by all the options and recommendations. Have fun experimenting and seeing what works for your skin. You might even find yourself eager to get home every night to relieve stress with your new skincare regiment!