What Is Slugging In Skincare? : Explained

Google the term "slugging" and you'll get pages and pages of results. I know what you're thinking. Given the beauty-care industry's obsession with glazed and laminated skin, the first image that comes to mind is a slug sliding across your face in the name of bouncy, softer skin. Having plump, radiant skin may appear to be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you have dry skin. If you have dry winter skin or flakiness, you might be interested in the skincare craze that has swept all over Reddit forums and TikTok - it's called slugging, and it could be the secret weapon to achieving that glazed donut skin you've been striving for.

Girl applying the slugging skincare trend routine

what does slugging mean in skincare?

Slugging is an interesting skincare trend. Slathering on petrolatum or Vaseline to protect your skin from water loss seems counterintuitive, but it's been highly praised for its ability to prevent transepidermal water loss and lock in moisture so it can rejuvenate dry, damaged skin.

Petroleum jelly has been a beauty go-to for decades, because it moisturizes and creates a protective barrier on the surface of skin, helping to prevent moisture loss.
If you don't like the thought of slugging your face with we have a products that protects your skin barrier and repair itself with our Triple Lipid Q+10 Revive Moisturizing treament cream.

how to do the " slugging method "

Slugging is a very easy technique that may be included into your skincare routine.
(Apply only at night)

Click here for Slugging Skincare Routine by : Dr Adel | Dermatology Doctor

  1. Thoroughly cleanse your face.

  2. Damp your skin

  3. Apply a moisturiser or our matrixyl 3000 serum that enhances the water content of the skin, such as Peptides, hyaluronic acid or glycerin.

  4. Apply a appropriate quantity of occlusive to your skin, such as petroleum jelly e.g Vaseline, ensuring uniform coverage. TikTok users appear to be spreading handfuls on their faces, although this is not necessary. A modest amount is sufficient.

  5. Avoid slugging over retinol & exfoliating acids

  6. Consider covering your pillow with a towel to protect it.

  7. Give the goods a few minutes to kick in, then go to bed as usual.

  8. Next morning set your regular cleanser to remove the petroleum jelly in the morning and see the affects of a glowy dewy skin.

what is slugging skincare benefits?


Petroleum jelly has a long history in skin care, as it has been used to help soothe and heal dry, chapped skin. Studies show that petroleum jelly may actually repair the skin's outermost layer by acting as a barrier that locks in moisture. Additionally, studies have shown that slugs can even increase the potency of other products applied on top of them by absorbing into your skin!

  • Moisturized, for glowing & dewy skin
  • Healthier, younger-looking skin
  • Repaired skin barrier
  • Locking in other products
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

how often should you slug your face

It all comes down to your skin type and personal preferences. If you have severely dry skin and need a boost throughout the winter, you can slug as frequently as you like until your skin starts to react to it. You should also consider the season and what your skin requires. Doctors advise slugging less frequently in the summer than in the winter.
However, it is recommended that you pay attention to how your skin appears and feels, as well as when it is required.


what types of skin should avoid face slugging

Slugging is a skincare concept that can help various skin types, especially during the winter when dry skin is widespread. In fact, slugging can help even oily and acne-prone skin (if dry), Doctors and Skincare specialist said, If you're prone to breakouts, you might want to avoid this trend.
"People who have active acne outbreaks or blackheads should generally avoid this approach and instead seek therapy with acne-fighting chemicals such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and topical retinoid.

final verdict: is slugging good for your skin?

When your skin feels tight and dry, slugging is a quick fix that can lock moisture into your skin. This skincare trend involves coating your face in petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) or petrolatum. This Slugging routine is only effective before bed leaving a coat of jelly on overnight. It's surprisingly effective especially great for dry skin types who need to keep their moisture levels up throughout the day.