What Is Argireline™ In Our Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick?

At Depology, we believe that your skin is the most important part of you. It's not just an accessory—it's your body's first line of defense.

That's why we have spent years studying the science behind skincare and are constantly on the lookout for new ingredients that can help improve your skin and make it healthier for years to come.

Our goal is to uncover the most innovative and effective skincare treatments and deliver them directly to you. That way, you don't have to worry about whether or not what you're using is safe for your skin—you can just focus on looking good!

You can't stop the aging process, but you can take a step in the right direction with this Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick.
Continue reading to learn how this may benefit your daily skincare routine and life.


what is Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick?

We are incredibly content and thankful for the impact that our Peptide Complex Anti-Wrinkle Serum has had on people's lives. The pairing between Matrixyl 3000 Collagen Serum & Anti-Wrinkle serum has consistently sold out.

And that's why we're bringing innovative skincare to the next level.
We present to you the sister product to the Caviar Anti-Aging Stick.

Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick, This stick tinted Multi-Stick was developed to give your skin a glowy flush of color, making it look like your skin but better.

Reduce puffiness and fine lines around your eyes with this easy-to-apply, balmlike formula. This dreamy stick is packed with three hero ingredients that work in tandem to get the job done: Argireline™ for reducing fine lines, a power complex for firming and antiaging, and Jojoba and Olea for replenishing parched skin.

A flexible stick makes all the difference in applying a splash of color to your lips, cheeks, or eyes in just a few minutes while conserving valuable handbag space. This skin enhancer is lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to obtain a glowing appearance with only one swipe.
The soft pigment will give you a bouncy feel that blends seamlessly and leaves skin dewy, not streaky or chalky.

In the creative anti-aging skincare market, this is a game changer.

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how to use Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick?

1. Apply the Eye Stick around the eye area after cleansing the skin.

2. Begin your application at the outer borders of the eye [near the temple], using tiny gentle circular movements.

3. Then, in an outward motion, gently rub the stick around your under eyelids.
Apply with care and prevent pulling on the skin. .

We recommend starting at the top of your eye crease and gliding it in upward and outward strokes for the brow bone area (similar to applying eye serum).


Multi-Peptide Anti-Aging Eye Stick

You can't stop the aging process, but you can take a step in the right direction with this Argireline™ Eye Stick. It contains a hero ingredient that targets fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles, puffiness, and dry skin around the eye area. If you want to prevent or reduce unsightly side effects associated with aging skin, such as general dryness and puffiness under your eyes, then this is the product for you!


key ingredients in our Argireline™ under-eye stick

    This famous peptide helps to prevent facial muscles from contracting, reducing the chances of wrinkles forming. It also has the ability to replicate results of injectables!

    Jojoba oil is a plant-based oil that's made from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It's got a lot of great properties, including being antibacterial and hydrating. It's also an antioxidant, so it can help treat acne or psoriasis, as well as sunburns and chapped skin.

    Olive oil is fantastic for your skin. It's gentle, effective, and safe for anyone of any skin type. Not only does it leave your skin feeling silky and soft, but it also helps to protect against harmful UV rays and can even reduce inflammation in the skin.

    Fatty acids are essential for creating a smoother, more even, and youthful complexion. They reinforce and hydrate the skin, soothing redness and flakiness. They also strengthen the skin against environmental damage and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles with their antioxidant properties.



bottom line: trust in us!

We believe in the power of skincare.

We believe that everyone deserves the best skin possible, and we're here to help you get there. Our values are simple: we strive for scientific rigor, clinical trials, and honesty about what we know works. We've spent years studying and testing new ingredients, formulas, and methods for improving skin health.

This eye stick is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. It features a balmlike formula that's easy to apply around your eyes—both underneath and around your eyelids—as a way to treat everything from fine lines to puffiness, and dry skin. The key ingredients in this stick include Argireline™ for reducing fine lines and dark circles, a power complex for firming and antiaging, and Jojoba and Olea for suppleness.

We know what works, because we've seen it work in real people just like you—and now we're ready to share those results with you.