Can Men Use Women's Skincare Products?

In Western culture, skincare and cosmetics is often marketed to women more than men. Meanwhile, in many Asian countries, it’s perfectly normal and quite common for both men and women to have serious skincare regiments that they follow every day. Our brand, based out of South Korea, is located in one of the most influential markets when it comes to skincare.

This may come as a surprise to many, but there are quite a bit of differences when it comes to men’s and women’s skin. While there are some similarities in terms of ingredients used, men are also able to incorporate a less strict routine into their daily lives.

difference between men and women skin?


In general, men are able to worry less about how in depth their skincare routine goes due to their thicker skin. Men’s skin is naturally more resistant to external damage from the sun, free radicals, air pollutants, and so forth than women’s skin.

Male hormones for the most part are able to produce more oil than women. The larger sebaceous glands in men’s skin secrete more sebum, which is an oily matter that helps lubricate the skin and hair.

Since men are not typically exposed to the same variations of hormones as women, their skin doesn’t appear to have physical signs of aging as early in life. This is especially true for the upper lip area, where women commonly receive vertical lip lines.

The downside of men’s excess hair follicles, despite their oilier skin, makes them more prone to ingrown hairs and folliculitis. In fact, men’s facial hair is a main contributing factor in the difference between men’s and women’s skincare products. They contain many similar ingredients, but many products targeted towards men are meant to aid with ingrown hair follicles.

While women are able to grow facial hair, men are far more likely to have to regularly shave their facial area. While shaving, dead skin cells are removed and the skin is exfoliated. This often leads to the skin being more prone to dryness, inflammation, and irritation.

If using a traditional razor with shaving cream rather than an electric razor, this further exacerbates the issue with skin irritation, as the skin gets dried out more from the cream, which acts as a form of soap. In this case, a light moisturizer is recommended to help your skin heal from the shaving treatment.

One of the benefits that comes with men having more hair is the ability of the skin to sustain hair follicles better. This ultimately makes the blood supply richer, the blood flow contributing to increased hair follicle growth.

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Recommended Skincare for Men

Despite these major hormonal differences, there are some similarities when it comes to men and women treating their skin. For example, both men and women have to worry about the loss of elasticity in their skin over time as they get older.

To help with this common issue, our Matrixyl 3000 Collagen Serum is formulated to maintain that firmness, preventing saggy skin and visible fine lines.

The importance of moisturizer cannot be emphasized enough. Men often don’t think to apply moisturizer or sunscreen before leaving the house. UV rays have the ability to greatly increase our signs of aging, so ensuring your skin is protected should never be ignored.

Men don’t need to moisturize as often as women, which is an even greater incentive to remember to add it to your daily routine. Applying a moisturizer and sunscreen duo combination is a great way to get both steps done in one and maintain healthy skin!

If you’re not sure where to begin and still feel intimidated to start a skincare routine, these few steps won’t take long at all and will leave you feeling refreshed and nourished as you continue to fight those external agents.

  • Facial cleanser (at least once per day for men)
  • Facial Scrub (1-2 times per week, optional)
  • Serums (targeted for specific areas, optional)
  • Moisturizer (at least once per day for men)
  • Toner (recommended to use alcohol-free toners after shaving & skincare; this helps to retain the products and moisturizer in the skin to work more efficiently)
  • Sunscreen (should always be applied last after a routine & before going outside)

Face masks aren’t only for ladies’ nights! Applying a face mask for specific skincare concerns for a night with the guys can be a relaxing experience, especially after a long week at the office. Our lives seem busier than ever, and proper mental health and skincare measures should not be forgotten. Just one face mask per week is enough to keep your skin feeling taken care of!

Conclusion: Can men use women skincare product's?

In the 21st century, skincare is no longer solely a women’s game. Scientists and researchers are discovering the necessities for proper skincare at a faster rate than ever before. There are ao many countless treatments, products, and options out there that it can feel overwhelming to keep up. Thankfully, men need not be concerned with skincare as often as women, but incorporating a proper skincare routine into your day will leave your future self thanking you for getting a head start on those signs of aging that affect everyone, regardless of gender.

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