6 Month Subscription Box


Save 25% off each pack and receive free shipping with each delivery. This subscription includes 2 free full sized samples over the subscription duration period.

Subscription benefits:
Receive your Dēpology Micro Patches every month so you'll never run out. Each subscription order comes with a Dēpology sample so you can try our other products. Six month subscribers will receive 2 full sized product samples over their subscription period duration.
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Only 32345 pieces in stock!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Liana Dikerman

I was recommended the product by my cosmetologist. And I loved. Good Quality.

Daihong Guo
great product

The product really works, I love it!

Have seen a difference

I received the 12 pack of Depology Micro Patches and have been consistently using them and for a few weeks and I have seen a difference. I’ve been getting a little self conscience about the wrinkles under and around my eyes and they are definitely smoother! I will continue to use them.

Kath C
Brilliant System

I'm really enjoying my monthly subscription of patches, i've subscribed for 3 months so far. Love that I get a free gift each month to try something new. I use the patches on my eye area, and I can see in photographs that I look much fresher than before. I'll definitely keep it up!

Serena C.
Much cheaper this way

I subscribed to this package (8 pack deal) after ordering the 4 Pairs as a test (I'm a bit skeptical with these kind of things), however the patches worked better than expected! I paid 34 bucks including shipping for the 4 Pairs, so it just makes sense paying $47 for double AND getting free shipping.
They've become part of my routine now, I might upgrade to the 12 Pack- i've replaced all my eye creams with these, the effects seem much more effective. My regular eye cream is $50 (only 15ml) so do the maths! + I do enjoy the free samples, nice touch!