Why Skincare and Mental Health is Important

It may come as no surprise to you that skincare and mental health are correlated. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Americans experience some type of mental illness in a given year, with over 28 million Americans not receiving any type of treatment for their illness.

In South Korea, the mental health epidemic has reached an all-time high among developed nations, with a number of contributing factors correlating to the crisis. While this was an epidemic in South Korea prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that the pandemic and lockdowns from previous years have taken a toll on the public, particularly young adults.

There are several ways to individually address mental health, aside from seeking out help from professionals if it’s a severe emergency. These tactics can range from eating healthier, talking to friends and loved ones, and finding a way to stay active that is engaging to you and stimulates your mind and body, even if it’s not a traditional exercise method.

In fact, many have found educating themselves about proper skincare can also lead to an increase in mental health. Not only does it increase self-confidence and keep you occupied, but it can result in a win-win for both physical appearance and mood elevation, helping to lower cortisol stress levels and provide you with an overall glow.

Why is Skincare & Mental Health important?

For as long as there has been a skincare beauty industry, there has been an idea of what “healthy” or “beautiful” skin is. In particular, women and young girls have been held to unrealistic and contradictory expectations when it comes to their bodies and skin. As a result, multiple body positivity movements such as “#freethepimple” and “blemishes are beautiful” have transpired to counteract these views and change people’s perceptions of what is beauty, not only for women’s benefits but also for men’s.

In today’s society, multiple industries are beginning to change the definition of what is accepted and normal. With the evolution of skincare trends on social media such as YouTube and TikTok and the modern development of marketing campaigns, our world when it comes to skincare has only continued to grow bigger and more diverse. That positivity and inclusion have begun to do wonders for our mental health, encouraging more skincare users to start paying attention to their skin’s health.

Believe it or not, everything we put on and into our bodies is connected and can have a positive or negative impact, both internally and externally.


  • Structured Routine

Similar to working out and your daily job requirements, a structured skincare routine can not only help give you a sense of stability, but also a sense of purpose and something to look forward to every day. Taking part in any skincare routine each day, if only the basics, can provide you with a sense of accomplishment that you took care of yourself.

Participating in daily tasks that benefit not only your physical health but also your mental health, is greatly encouraged to partake in to keep your overall health in check.


  • Self-Confidence/Love

This may come as a surprise to no one that taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, leads to overall confidence and self-love. No matter the body or skin you’ve been given, it’s up to you and only you to feel comfortable with yourself and be accepting of who you are. It’s only important to accept yourself for who you are, nobody else. Even when it comes to physical and mental health, everything you partake in to feel better should be done for you and only you.


  • Modern Conveniences/Personal Experiences

In today’s skincare industry, there are so many different variations of products and treatments to choose from. The early days of skincare procedures featured in hit television shows such as Nip/Tuck have evolved beyond any of our comprehension. Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave your house (or your bed) to receive high-quality treatments on the same scale as an in-office visit.

A great method for achieving instant, desirable results is the microneedling trend. Our Deepcare+ Serum-Infused Micro Dart Patches is a fan favorite when it comes to skincare treatments at home. With the increase in at-home options resulting from the pandemic and global lockdowns, it can be a lot of initial information in determining the best treatment for you and your skin’s needs.

What is beneficial for everyone when it comes to micro dart patches is that they are suitable for all skin types, so every user is encouraged to test them for desired results. Targeting dark circles, puffiness, and aging skin, these versatile patches contain 1,000 micro darts per patch, providing more efficient facial coverage than alternative treatments after just a single use. Why travel and step into a doctor’s office when you can have innovative skincare delivered straight to your door?


  • Socialization

Investing time, energy, and finances into skin care can not only do wonders for your skin and mental health but for social purposes. There are countless blogs and resources on the Internet regarding skincare, whether it’s through informational forums or YouTube tutorials. You might even discover at the brunch table which of your friends engage in skincare routines daily and you can share different tips and tricks to continue evolving your respective routines.

These products and trends have a way of bringing us together, as well as more connected to our bodies and health.


  • Decrease Stress

The stress hormone, cortisol, can do a lot of damage to our skin and overall health. While it can’t always be fully managed, depending on personal and professional lives, your skincare routine is fully within your control. A proper routine, even if performed once per day, can do wonders to combat the stresses we experience as we go about our lives, both mentally and from external factors such as environmental pollution.

Conclusion : mental health & skin health

You should always be putting yourself first, both in terms of your mental and physical health. At the end of the day, you only have yourself to take charge of your life and how you may tackle certain obstacles or difficulties. Your skin's health shouldn't feel like another obstacle.

Being the largest organ in our body, our skin does so much for us every second to protect us and keep harmful substances from invading our body and leaving us vulnerable to aging signs. By taking just a few extra steps a day to show your skin you care for its health, your skin won't be the only one left with a serotonin boost.