What is Laminated Skin?

Now that many note-worthy fashion shows have concluded for the fall season, a new skincare trend has been left behind in their wake. “Jello” and “glazed” skin may as well be trends of the past, as “laminated” skin has virally taken over. Having made appearances at industry events such as London and New York Fashion Weeks, “laminated” skin is meant to go a step further than highlighted cheekbones or powdery finishes. Rather, a well-hydrated and watery base is meant to coincide with nourishing facial mists for the full effect of natural perspiration.

You might be thinking why someone would want to appear sweaty as if they have just finished a marathon. The motives behind this shiny look are rather simple when it comes to convenience and time application.

what is the laminated skin trend?

The main goal in achieving the laminated skin look is to appear as if you have just finished a workout, or perhaps an intimate session with your partner. The sweatier you appear, the better. The idea of laminated skin is to embrace that natural, sweaty glow.

What’s been appealing to many users who have taken on the trend is the low cost and effort of the routine. With just the proper foundation of creamy products and a touch of facial spray, you’re ready to leave the house sporting a vibrant new look. No more being afraid of appearing busy and sweaty, but taking pride in something the body naturally produces.

how do you achieve the look?

At first, any routine is going to take a bit of trial and error until you encounter the right method that works best for your skin type. This look can be completed in less than five steps, which makes it a great style to apply before leaving the house.

When applying the foundation of the overall look, this product will absorb into the skin, beginning the process of creating that laminated glow. By further applying facial mist over your initial product, it gives the appearance of “shrink wrap shine,” essentially layering your skin to help emphasize the sweaty glow.

A creamy, water-based product should always be the base for this look. Our Tinted Multi-Stick is a three-in-one combination of lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. These products are especially beneficial if these shades resemble your natural skin tone. You don’t need to use too much of the stick at once, especially if you’re going to want to reapply later throughout your day. The stick also works to simultaneously hydrate the skin, readying it for an application of facial mist to highlight a glossy style.

In particular, you’re going to want to veer towards products containing essential oils. These leave a fine layer over the creamy foundation, creating a smooth, radiating surface once the moisture has been absorbed into the skin.

If you’re not sure exactly where to start in terms of products, paying attention to ingredient lists that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin near the top will be effective in achieving the look. While you’re going to look for creamy products as a base, facial mists should always be lightweight to pull off the laminated appearance.

What’s convenient about our Tint Stick is that no matter your skin type, it is a great option to consider when using it as your base. Depending on each individual’s skin type and condition, each product used should be tailored to their situation. Oily bases generally aren’t recommended, but rather water-based products or gel moisturizers that are lightweight in density and are packed with antioxidants. Even serums containing hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient have been found to work as a steady foundation.

Facial powders aren’t necessary when participating in this trend. You are able to reapply these products each time you want to give off that illuminated glow. However, serums should only be applied for the base as often as recommended on the label. Natural facial oils are also able to contribute to glossy skin, so if you’re prone to oily skin, that will give you an advantage in completing the look.

final verdict : what is laminated skin in skincare?

As opposed to other trends that require the patience and effort of several steps and products, “laminated” skin requires very little extra work on your part. Those who often find themselves with oilier skin will find that achieving this look is easier than expected, allowing them to simply change up their skincare routine.

While it may take some time to figure out the right balance of products for your skin type, you’ll find yourself on trend soon enough due to the simplicity of this regimen. That is until the next industry trend makes its way to the runways in the new year.