What Is Dull Skin?

We’ve all experienced it at one point and if not, the natural aging cycle will lead you to encounter it eventually. That, dull, bland complexion staring back at you, not reflecting light like your bright, smooth skin counterpart. That lack of radiance is the last thing you want to see in the morning when you start your day and you shouldn’t have to!

What is dull skin and how can it affect you?

Though many suffer from
seasonal conditions such as dry, ashy skin with uneven textures, others struggle to figure out the cause of their patchy or even flaky skin. It doesn’t have to end here. This discovery is just the first step to a journey you will embark upon with your skin.

Everyone has different tolerances and sensitivities and many don’t often take the time to have a relationship with their skin or routines. By incorporating these values into your everyday life, you will be less at risk of occurrences such as dull skin.

Girl curing dull skin complexion through depology products

what are the Causes & Remedies for dull skin

    Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do in terms of keeping your skin healthy. On top of everything else we need water to function, a hydrated body aids in the maintenance of the skin’s natural protective barrier. Without enough water, hydration won’t be supplied as quickly from below the skin’s surface, leaving it victim to numerous reactions, such as dryness and inflammation.

    We recommend facial products such as
    serums, moisturizers, and cleansers that contain high amounts of hydrating properties to ensure you never run into these issues.

  • DIET
    You might not be too surprised about the connection between what we put into our bodies and how our skin reacts to various foods. Centuries ago, people didn’t have all the conveniences we have today while shopping at the grocery store. Overconsumption of processed foods and snack foods often causes skincare concerns for users such as blemishes and acne. In the case that you have sensitive skin or a pre-existing condition, you can reference our guidefor collagen-enriched foods that are sure to leave your skin looking firm and refreshed.

    While some people experience
    dry skin year-round, many find themselves suffering in the winter season particularly. The drop in temperatures and dry air attacks our skin constantly in the winter, not to mention the strong winds. Lotion and moisturizers are going to be your best friend during this time of year, as the skin is continuously losing moisture and sometimes cannot replenish it fast enough to keep the natural skin cycle in balance.

    Many factors come into play when it comes to dry skin, such as genetics, skin type, age, and lifestyle. Still, it never hurts to browse through skincare products and test different ingredients that are known to help with dry skin and inflammation. Even if it’s only a few months out of the year, those winter months could look a lot less dreary and dull with an addition to your skincare regimen.

    Your skin experiences many free radicals once you step out the door. Even in the winter months, cold winds and central heating make it more difficult for the skin to stay hydrated. Those who live in cities are especially prone to external circumstances such as air pollution and pollution from vehicles.

    The use of tobacco products often causes the skin’s natural moisture levels to decrease, as well as increasing oxidative stress levels in the body due to its stimulating effects. They have also been known to impair the production of collagen in the skin, degrade elastic fibers and tear connective tissue in the skin, leading to loss of firmness and texture.

    These products can make your skin more sensitive to external circumstances such as prolonged sunlight exposure. This can do damage to the skin’s outer and inner layers and trigger premature aging signs, especially if you aren’t protected with sunscreen.

    When these free radicals attack the skin depending on the cause, they begin to create premature aging symptoms and/or skin conditions, including acne and dull skin. Maintaining a
    skincare routine in the AM and PM can greatly help with these environmental factors, as well as utilizing a moisturizing balm stick throughout the day, which can even be applied over make-up products.

    It’s no secret that sleep is a crucial element of a healthy lifestyle, particularly if you are getting enough of it per night. As we sleep, our body takes it as an opportunity to start fresh the next day as it recovers from the events of the previous day. Your skin undergoes this restorative process as well, repairing skin cells while also shedding dead ones and regenerating them to replenish.

    Poor sleeping habits not only create these mounting issues but the moisture levels are also affected, similar to the effects of tobacco products. This lack of adequate hydration, along with blood flow, to the face, will often result in dull or pale complexions.

    There are several remedies available to try and help with sleep patterns without even leaving the house or consulting a therapist. Smartphone apps and even over-the-counter medications containing melatonin are used by many to encourage healthy habits. Whatever you find that works for you, your skin will be thanking you for the shut-eye.

    In today’s modern, fast-paced society, it can be difficult to find time for yourself and take care of your mental health first. There always seems to be something that needs to be done immediately, and a few other things that also need to be finished simultaneously. Multi-tasking is not a habit that is recommended by medical professionals, as you are more prone to making an error when your brain is constantly going back and forth between varying tasks.

    When we allow ourselves to get stressed and overwhelmed, our cortisol levels increase. This essentially puts the body into fight or flight mode, alerting the body to divert more circulation to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. These triggers lead to skin inflammation, redness, and even conditions such as acne if not monitored and treated.

    Meditation, yoga, exercise, and music are all activities known to have a positive effect on mental health. Everyone is different in terms of stress factors and remedies, so it can sometimes to fun and exciting to explore a new hobby to take the edge off of everyday life. Who knows? That next hobby could invigorate your skincare routine with new habits!


Conclusion: What should i do if i have dull skin?

Consulting a medical professional should always be the top priority if you feel it’s an emergency or is interacting with your everyday life. They can typically steer you towards the path to recovery and/or living comfortably with the condition, most likely with the help of prescription medications. While there are many causes of dull skin, there are even more solutions and treatments to experiment with so that you will be showing off a radiant glow all year round.