What Is Cica Serum & How It Benefits Your Skin?

The skincare industry is always on the lookout for the most game-changing and effective ingredients, and Cica is the newest sensation to appear on everyone's face and skin.
So, if this is your first time hearing about it, let me explain.

Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica, is a well-known ingredient in the field of K-Beauty, which has been a trailblazer in the skincare market.

What Does Cica Stand For?
Cica is short for centella asiatica, a medicinal plant or botanical. The active ingredients within it are beneficial for dry-very dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can help support the barrier function of the skin.

What is Centella Asiatica?

Centella asiatica is a botanical that has been around for centuries and is known to have healing properties. Centella asiatica also goes by other names including gotu kola, Indian pennywort and tiger grass. The active ingredients which are extracted from this plant include: pentacyclic triterpenes, mainly asiaticoside, madecasosside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid. These ingredients make it effective for dry skin. It can help support the barrier function of the skin while also having anti-inflammatory properties.

Centella asiatica is known to help with skin elasticity, healing dry and damaged skin, and promoting healthy cell turnover. Cica is best when used in conjunction with other ingredients that fight free radicals and promote collagen production in the body. This item should be kept away from eyes and mouths because it can cause inflammation of the tissue by irritating the skin and mucous membranes.

What are cica serum benefits?

Centella asiatica is known as Cica in the K beauty industry. This botanical produces high concentration of pentacyclic triterpenes, mainly asiaticoside, madecasosside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid. These compounds help to revive the skin's natural moisture barrier that helps prevent moisture loss and protects your complexion from further damage.

  • Eczema And Psoriasis
    Because of its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing characteristics, it might be beneficial for those suffering from psoriasis or eczema.
  • Dryness And Irritation
    Skincare businesses are wagering that Centella asiatica's anti-inflammatory qualities will help serums perform better by improving the skin's barrier function.
  • Fine Lines Wrinkles
    Cica Serums containing vitamin C and madecassoside extract enhanced skin hydration, elasticity, and wrinkle appearance after 6 months.

    Improvement in wrinkles around their eyes after using the serum twice a day for 12 weeks.
  • Acne
    Discovered that madecassoside enhanced hydration and lowered acne-related inflammation in human skin cells.
  • Scars
    Centella asiatica includes triterpene chemicals, which may stimulate collagen production in animals. It was discovered that Centella asiatica improved the skin's wound-healing process after mild burns and wounds.

can you use mix cica products with other ingredients

Cica has a strong affinity for the skin and carries a high capacity of water, which makes it an excellent ingredient in skincare formulations. Cica’s soothing properties can improve the tolerability of potentially irritating ingredients, making it an ideal ingredient for oily and acne-prone skin types.

It's an ideal addition to active ingredients that are known to cause irritation, such as retinol and chemical exfoliants such as BHAs and AHAs.

Is Centella Asiatica serum safe for all skin types?

Yes, everyone can use cica! even those with the most sensitive skin. Cica optimizes moisture levels, making it more resilient to irritants and environmental aggressors, like pollution and allergens. while that makes it particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, it’s something everyone can benefit from.

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