What Does Alpha Arbutin Do For Your Skin?

The quest for beautiful skin can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated. You’re chasing the perfect glow, looking to brighten or lighten dark spots, and maybe even reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. To save you time, we have already done your research and homework here. Here's one ingredient that should be on your radar!

Alpha Arbutin should be on your radar. A derivative of hydroquinone (a topical skin lightener), arbutin can either be made synthetically in a lab or derived from certain plants in the Ericaceae family. Read on to learn more about what and how alpha arbutin can improve your skin.

what is alpha arbutin?


Alpha Arbutin, an active ingredient derived from a natural plant, helps brighten and whiten skin.
Alpha arbutin comes in powder form mixed with ingredients and efficiently inhibits tyrosinase activity in the skin and the production of melanin by penetrating the skin fast without influencing the concentration of cell proliferation.

Combining arbutin with tyrosinase speeds up the breakdown and drainage of melanin, eliminates splash and fleck, and has no negative side effects. One of the safest and most effective whitening products now in use is arbutin powder, it is also the 21st century's most competitive whitenng activity.

Alpha Arbutin is a whitening agent that has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone with no downtime. Our pharmaceutical grade arbutin powder is made from 100% natural ingredients and blends easily into any skincare regimen for maximum effectiveness.

what is alpha arbutin function for the skin?

Alpha Arbutin functions, but first we must understand how our skin becomes pigmented.
The amount of melanin (the skin pigment) produced by the pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes determines the colour of our skin. Tyrosinase, an enzyme secreted by our body, is in charge of motivating melanocytes to initiate melanogenesis (synthesis of melanin). Tyrosinase is triggered when a person is exposed to sunlight or under specific circumstances, which results in an excess production of melanin that results in hyperpigmentation.

Using our Dark Spot Correcting Serum, when administered topically, the skin absorbs alpha arbutin, which then targets and inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme. The melanocytes reduce the amount of melanin they produce when the enzyme is absent. With continued application, the pigmentation gradually disappears, leaving your skin uniformly toned and free of unsightly spots and patches.

Another commonly used to brighten skin tones is hydroquinone.
Alpha Arbutin, however, is the gold standard alternative to Hydroquinone since it serves the same purpose without having any negative side effects.



A complete 4-in-1 serum, N.A.T Dark Spot Correcting Serum is a powerful anti-aging treatment for those who want to banish the appearance of sun spots, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation on their skin. Formulated with Niacinamide (N), A-Arbutin (A) and Tranexamic Acid (T) and along with Green Tea Extract, our serum fights the formation of hyperpigmentation while also evening out skin tone and texture. With this combination, you'll have the luminous look of a celebrity with N.A.T inside you!

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what is alpha arbutin good for?

Alpha Arbutin Benefits :

  • Alpha arbutin is a safe and effective skin brightening ingredient that has been used as an alternative to hydroquinone. Its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to inhibit the production of melanin in the epidermis make it an excellent option for those looking for an exfoliant alternative.

  • Alpha Arbutin is used to treat various skin issues such as freckles, age spots, or hyperpigmentation. Alpha Arbutin has been proven to be effective in lightening the skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. In turn, you can enjoy smoother, brighter and evenly toned complexion.

  • Alpha Arbutin can cure Uneven skin tone. It helps even out the skin tone and make your skin look healthier and livelier. Alpha Arbutin helps to make your skin complexion more radiant and vibrant! It's easy to use too: just a small amount under your daily sunscreen will do the job!

  • Arbutin is a natural, non-irritating and gentle skin brightening ingredient that is easily absorbed by your skin. Arbutin can also help you minimize signs of aging by improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protecting against environmental pollutants.

how to use our alpha arbutin serum for your skin?

Here are some easy actions you may take to maximise the advantages of alpha-arbutin:

  1. Apply your favourite toner after cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser.

  2. Put a few drops of any moisturising substances, such hyaluronic acid, on your skin.
    This will speed up how quickly Alpha Arbutin serum is absorbed.

  3. Apply a couple of drops of our Dark Spot Correcting Serum to your face now, then massage your skin in a delicate circular motion to help the substance distribute evenly.

  4. Allow the Alpha Arbutin Pigment Correcting serum to penetrate into your skin by waiting a little while. The serum will have its impact after it has reached the deeper dermis cells.

  5. To give skin an additional boost of vitality and radiance, layer this peptide serum with our Power C Antixodant Radiance Boosting Serum.

alpha arbutin vs hydroquinone : Which is safer?

In addition to arbutin, there are many more choices for brightening your skin:
It is well recognised that hydroquinone, kojic acid, and vitamin C may be able to lighten skin.

How do they compare, though? First, hydroquinone cream is the staple ingredient in skin lightening department. But seeing since it can cause irritation, stinging, contact dermatitis, and skin discoloration, the European Union, Japan, Australia, and certain African nations have prohibited it from use in cosmetic goods. Arbutin naturally converts to hydroquinone on the skin, albeit it is not as efficient as hydroquinone itself. However, the chance of negative effects is lower. Since the hydroquinone is released gradually, the skin is never subjected to excessive amounts of it. This indicates that the toxicity of arbutin is probably lower than that of hydroquinone.

We can understand your concerns about skin brighteners like hydroquinone. Hydroquinone works by inhibiting an enzyme that is involved in the production of melanin (i.e., the skin pigment that makes us tan), but it also inhibits other important enzymes that play an important role in your skin's natural healing process. Research reveals a rather significant downside to hydroquinone, though: It can increase your risk for melanoma, a potentially deadly form of skin cancer.

Arbutin and kojic acid, a brightener generated from certain fungal species, are quite similar, although arbutin is often the more stable of the two. However, combining these two components is OK.

Combining our Antioxidant Power C with Dark Spot Correcting Serum improves skin brightness and lessens discoloration. , it is highly effective. Arbutin and vitamin C together can increase each substance's effectiveness.

What Shouldn’t You Mix With Alpha Arbutin?

Alpha Arbutin is harmless and may usually be used topically without causing any harm.
However, just combining many active chemicals won't benefit your skin in any way.
In order to address the majority of your skin troubles, skin specialists advise carefully selecting no more than three active components.

Niacinamide and Ascorbic acid do not mix well, so even if you might want the advantages of alpha arbutin and niacinamide, it is not the best option.

conclusion : Alpha arbutin in skincare

Although the benefits of arbutin are only transitory, they are worth trying because they can positively affect your life. In order to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, you should use alpha arbutin. Arbutin has recently became very popular in Asian countries, where it is used as a natural way to lighten skin tone.

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are no match for the N.A.T Dark Spot Correcting Serum! Formulated to target dark spots, age spots, and other types of hyperpigmentation while simultaneously evening out skin tone and texture, this serum is a quick-acting anti-aging weapon that can help you achieve youthful luminosity in just a few weeks of use. When used as part of our complete regimen, including our Vitamin C Serum and Under Eye Micro Darts Patches, you’ll see results faster than ever before!