Do You Need These Dark Spot Patches? : Find Out

K-beauty has inspired many trends and products, with pimple patches having shown positive results among users around the world. Recently, dark spot patches have surfaced in the industry, quickly becoming a trendy item for their versatile abilities to combat dark patches of skin while simultaneously minimizing signs of aging skin and dark spots. How exactly do these patches achieve all of this and more importantly, should you consider implementing them into your routine?



Micro dart patches act as a topical supplement, visibly reducing the appearance of dull skin, dark spots, and hydrating the skin for a brighter glow. Our specially-crafted formulation is suitable for those of all skin types, particularly those looking to treat the under-eye area or symptoms of puffiness, dehydration, and fatigue.

Introducing the skin (and yourself) to new methods and formulas in skincare can be daunting, as there are seemingly endless treatments available on the market today to choose from. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites to help get you started in the world of brightening patches.


Absolutely! Dark spot removal patches work by utilizing tiny darts containing brightening ingredients, which lighten dark spots and even maintain skin hydration. The reason for their smaller size is to ensure they are more efficient in mitigating the appearance of dark patches of skin.

Dark spot patches are typically composed of thin, flexible material that adheres to the skin. This is so that the patches may be easily applied and removed once they have fulfilled their purpose, avoiding any potential for unwanted skin irritation.

The active ingredients in dark spot patches vary, but they may include effective ingredients such as hydroquinone, niacinamide, Vitamin C, licorice root extract, kojic acid, and retinol, to name a few. These ingredients work to inhibit melanin production in the skin cells, which is the pigment known for giving color to an individual’s skin.

Dark spot patches are not a guaranteed fix for hyperpigmentation or other conditions, as everyone’s skin reacts to products differently. The results of these patches, while proven effective, may be determined by the severity of the skin condition, the individual’s skin type, and the adherence to patch instructions. Since dark spot patches are commonly used alongside other products or procedures, the combination is sometimes not welcome by the skin.

Sometimes, patches can be irritating to the user’s skin, especially if they are prone to sensitive skin reactions. If you have never tried dark spot patches prior, it may be useful to test-patch the product first. Many users do this in areas where they aren’t as concerned about a temporary reaction, such as underneath the arm. While the skin in the armpit area is different from using the formula on the face, it still works in letting you know if you should proceed with using the product.


This specially-crafted formula utilizes micro darts that are infused with 25mg of potent ingredients, including niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ascorbic acid, and glycerin. Together, these active ingredients visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots around the eyes, diminish the resemblance of dull skin, and smooth out aging signs. Desired results are typically achieved by leaving them overnight, and applying them to the affected area every two to three days.


For even more effective dark spot treatment, try pairing with our Dark Spot Correcting N.A.T. Serum. N.A.T. stands for our unique serum solution that complements the positive effects of our dark spot patches. The powerful trio of niacinamide, arbutin, and tranexamic acid (with a little help from green tea extract) are often used in skin care for their achievements in correcting abnormal pigmentation of the skin. Rather than feeling burdened with the appearance of dull skin, the formulation will leave you looking clearer and radiant.


These are just a few treatments that can be conveniently performed in the comfort of your home rather than in an office. Some users seek out at-home or professional chemical peels, acid peels, and more intensive laser treatments.

Before incorporating dark spot patches or alternative methods into your skincare routine, it is advisable to meet with a dermatologist or skincare professional, especially if you have sensitive skin or any underlying skin conditions. They can provide personalized recommendations and help determine the most suitable approach for your needs.