Skincare Tips For When You're Sick

Staying healthy during the harsh winter isn't very easy— and when illness strikes, our skincare routines often go out the window. Whether your skin feels dry and itchy, you're broken out in spots, or your complexion is dull and tired, taking care of your skin while sick can be a much bigger challenge than when your health is in good standing. But maintaining a healthy and beautiful complexion during times of illness is not only possible, it's essential! With the right approach, you can keep your skin nourished and radiant even in the midst of an illness. We've put together our top tips and tricks to help you showcase your best complexion while you're sick so you can take care of yourself and stay comfortable every step of the way.

Why Is Our Skin Worse When We're Sick?

When we get sick, our body works overtime to fight off the illness. Our immune system releases white blood cells to combat germs and infections, which leads to inflammation that causes our skin to appear worse than usual. In some more serious cases, there may be other issues such as breakouts, eczema flare-ups, or a decrease in skin hydration, leaving our skin looking dull and tired. By taking preventative measures and ensuring we take care of our skin, we can minimize any breakouts or flare-ups from occurring when we are ill.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You're Sick

Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated when you're sick. There are a few simple steps and precautions you can take to protect your skin throughout your illness.

Hydrate Inside And Out

Hydrate your skin both internally and externally with plenty of fluids and nourishing skincare products to keep your skin happy and radiant and prevent it from drying out. Apply a thicker moisturizer with hydrating ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid right after washing your face. Additionally, using humectants like glycerin can help attract moisture which will help keep the skin elastic, supple, and radiant. You can also look for products packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which offer an added boost of nutrition for the skin. And finally, look for non-drying formulas if you are using cleansers, as harsh formulas will strip your skin of its natural oils.

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Use A Humidifier

A humidifier can come in handy if you're feeling extra dehydrated. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which is essential in times of illness. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that is small enough to fit on your nightstand or pick one that covers a larger area of the room. Not only do humidifiers help with symptoms related to a cold or flu, but they also help maintain the skin's moisture and can help keep skin looking dewy and radiant. Just make sure to regularly clean your humidifier and follow the manual's guidelines.

Take It Easy

When you're sick, chances are you don't have the energy for a full skincare routine. Sometimes even washing your face is too much, but it's important to keep the surface clean, especially if your illness is causing sweat. If you are not feeling up to washing your face with a traditional cleanser, try using a facial wipe.

Facial wipes are especially gentle and perfect for those days when you don't have the energy for an extensive cleansing routine. Additionally, the wipes are typically soaked in natural ingredients to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin while eliminating any dirt and bacteria on the skin. This is the perfect indulgence for days when you want to pamper your skin but don't want to go to the trouble of a complicated skincare routine.

Try A Soothing Mask

Another way to help to soothe and protect dry or inflamed skin while you're unwell is to apply a soothing face mask. Sheet masks and hydrogel masks are fantastic for adding extra hydration to the skin while maintaining its natural barrier. They are easy to apply, and you can just massage any excess product into your skin. If you're feeling too ill to fuss over an entire skincare routine, a soothing face mask is a great way to give your skin some TLC!

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Avoid Harsh Ingredients

If your skin is already feeling more sensitive due to your illness, you don't want to exacerbate the problem. During this time, it's also important to avoid skin irritants such as alcohol, parabens, sulfates, detergents, and acids. Additionally, avoid using products containing strong fragrances and essential oils, as these can be harsh on the skin and lungs. Instead, choose non-irritating, gentle, natural ingredients to give your skin the pampering it needs.

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Use Hand Cream

When we are sick, we wash our hands more than usual to keep our family and friends safe. Frequent hand washing causes our hands to become very dry and cracked. By moisturizing with a thick, nourishing hand cream, you can help counteract the dryness, taking care of the skin on your hands and keeping them looking soft and healthy. Keep one nearby where you're resting for easy access.

Get Plenty Of Rest

We all know getting enough rest is essential when you're feeling unwell, but many are unaware that rest is beneficial for healthy, glowing skin. That's right—rest is an important part of your skincare routine. Sleep is essential for helping repair any damage done to your skin during the day. As if that isn't enough, getting plenty of rest will also help increase blood flow to the skin, allow for proper absorption of any topical skincare products, and provide the perfect opportunity for skin regeneration. So try to get those extra hours of sleep, especially when feeling unwell.


a summary : post flu skincare

While there's no cure-all for feeling unwell, taking care of your skin when sickness strikes will make the whole experience a bit less unpleasant. Remember to cleanse your skin gently, hydrate from the inside and out, use a facial wipe instead of a cleanser when necessary, use plenty of hydrating ingredients, use a humidifier if available, avoid harsh ingredients, get plenty of rest, and use a hand cream when needed. We hope that following these simple tips will help you feel some relief even when you're feeling under the weather.