Wrinkle Eraser Set

What this set does: This practical eyecare routine will keep your tired eyes rejuvenated. Our supercharged power duo- Under Eye Micro-Dart Patches and Restoring Under Eye Day Patches will help keep fine lines, wrinkles, tired and puffy eyes at bay. ​ ​
Say "Bye Bye" to stubborn fine lines and dark circles as this routine depuffs eye bags and hydrates the under eyes for a younger-looking appearance. Simply apply our Micro Dart Patch for 2 hours or leave overnight for best results, use every 2-3 nights. For the in-between days, use our Day Hydrogel Patches. ​



  • Under-Eye Micro Dart Patches: ​Our unique Pigment Repair+™ serum formula helps to brighten dark circles while depuffing and smoothing the under-eye area. Infused with 25mg's of our Pigment Repair+™ serum per patch, this patch will keep your eye-zone dark circle and wrinkle free and have you looking your brightest.​ (8 PAIRS INCLUDED IN SET)
  • Restoring Day Hydrogel Patches: ​A full night's rest in a patch, add Dēpology’s Day Under Eye Gel Patches to your morning skin care routine. These patches will make you look perky and well rested. See benefits within minutes by leaving them on while you get ready for your day ahead.These under eye patches are infused with Gold, the perfect ingredient for you morning skin care routine and is ideally used before you apply your makeup, as it removes toxins from the skin. Gold is also known for its brightening properties and may help alleviate dark circles- making it the perfect routine partner to our Dark Circle Removing Patches.​ (1 TUB - 30 PAIRS)

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Scott

Love it

Nina H
Love, love, love!

These really work after just a couple of uses. I have dark circles and they are substantially better after I use these. The skin under my eyes is also way smoother. Highly recommend.

Serum infused under eye micro dart patches, dark eye zone patches

It definitely lightens up the dark circle and smooth the appearance. I am going to get some more.

Alex Potts
Fabulous treatment for tired eyes

I was waking up every morning with puffy eyes. I started using the eye trio pack and am so happy with the results. My skin feel tighter and the puffiness has definitely improved.

Love these products!

Noticeable results!