Pamper Up

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What this set does: This set will transform your skincare routine into a self-care ritual. 3 products to help revitalize your eyes and give your face an extra lifted look.
We recommend using our Caviar Hydrogel Patches on nights that you are not using our Deepcare+™ Serum Patches. Use our Derma Sculpting Mask for special occasions or just as a treat to get a sharp and chiseled jawline.


  • Deepcare+™ Serum Infused Micro Dart Patches: Our unique Deepcare+™ serum formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing and plumping your skin. These patches go beyond the surface of your skin with 1000 micro darts, infused with 30mg of our Deepcare+™ serum per patch, that penetrates deep into your skin and deliver our solution to the core. (8 PAIRS INCLUDED IN SET)

  • Caviar Hydrogel Patches: ​These Caviar under eye patches are the ultimate luxurious treat to the eyes. Nourishing the skin deeply, they help to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also stimulating and regenerating collagen production within the skin.replenishing under eye patches are the perfect solution for tired eyes after a long day.​ (1 TUB - 30 PAIRS)
  • Derma Sculpting Mask: ​Our Sculpting Mask, infused with essential ingredients, hydrates while visibly lifting and firming your skin. See a tighter jawline, jowl and chin from the first use.​ (1 PACK - 5 MASKS)

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Customer Reviews

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Love all products!!!!

K. Sutton
The microdart patches are amazing!!

I was shocked at what a difference wearing the microdart patches overnight made! The night after using the patches the crepey, fine lines, had disappeared. I will definitely use these patches before any big event or when I need a confidence boost. I also cannot wait to see what the long term effects will be.

Gila Silver
Perfect pamper up

Refreshing rejuvenating revitalizing

Toni Favuzza
First time user

I recently received my Pamper Up purchase. So far, I have used the microdot under eye patch and the face sculpting mask.

The microdot eye masks are quite nice and effective. I found them quite nourishing for the dry skin under my eyes. The face sculpting mask was also quite nice. It is easy to apply and very comfortable. I applied both before bed and slept comfortably with them on. I will have to give it some time to see what the long term effects on my skin are ( I have only used them twice so far). I will update on the caviar under eye patch once I have tried them but if they are of the same quality as the other products I am sure I will love them.

Leigh Alanna Todd
LOVE these products and what they have done for my skin!!

I've had amazing results with these under eye patches. It has certainly helped with my wrinkles and the bags that were forming underneath. I will be ordering more very soon!