What Is An Antioxidant Serum?

You may have heard about the benefits of antioxidants in skin care, but still find yourself without a serum on your shelf. While it may be tempting to avoid added costs, the skin health advantages will convince you that it is well worth investigating.

Your body is a chemistry lab, and its processes are finely tuned. If you mess with that balance, you could get potentially devastating results. That’s what free radicals do: They wreak havoc on the body by stealing an electron from healthy cells, damaging DNA and speeding up the aging process.

Antioxidants have long been used to treat skin damage and lighten age spots, but they also offer countless benefits that may not be as obvious. The best part is that you don't need to use a lot of antioxidants – in fact, most antioxidant serums contain only 3% or less.

While there are many options for adding antioxidants to your routine, it is important to choose one that is effective and won't break the bank. Let us first explain how antioxidants improve your skin, and then we will examine what makes Dēpology Antioxidants stand apart from the competition.

What is an Antioxidants Serum

What are Antioxidants And How It Affects Our Bodies?

What exactly is an antioxidant? We all know that we should consume as many antioxidants as possible, but what exactly do they do? And what effect do they have on your skin?

Antioxidants are synthetic or natural chemicals that can prevent or postpone some forms of cell damage. Diets heavy in vegetables and fruits, which are high in antioxidants, have been proven to be effective and healthful.

Antioxidants aid to enhance your immunity while also protecting and preventing cell damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by either giving or accepting an electron, stabilizing the molecules and preventing them from creating as much harm to your body and skin.

Every day, viruses, infections, and free radicals, which are unstable molecules that grab electrons from other sources and eventually destroy other cells, endanger your body's health. Free radicals can be produced by food metabolism, UV radiation, chemicals, and environmental pollutants such as smoking and pollution, among other things.

On a physical level, this insecurity may manifest as skin irritation. Many common skin diseases or difficulties, such as rashes or general sensitivity, are considered to be caused by free radicals. Regardless of skin type, they can add to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other indications of aging.

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In the realm of skincare, antioxidants are the underdog. Antioxidants are chemicals in your body that combat free radicals. We can get them into our bodies through food or topical application. Antioxidants are frequently found in the foods we consume on a regular basis. They work to combat free radicals, which may wreak havoc on your body if left to their own ways. Here are the key benefit of using antioxidant serums in your skincare routine.

Antioxidants Aid In The Correction Of Aging Symptoms:

Oxidative stress degrades collagen, impairs the skin's natural healing process, and causes inflammation, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne outbreaks, and blotchy skin tone. Antioxidants, by scavenging free radicals, can help prevent and repair these apparent indications, giving skin a more youthful look.

Antioxidants Aid In The Prevention Of Solar Damage.

Antioxidants are anti-inflammatory in nature.
They reduce the inflammatory response of your skin to the sun's damaging rays, reducing sunburn and offering greater protection against sun damage and photoaging.


Antioxidants Aid in Skin Healing.

Inflammation stifles the skin's natural regeneration process. Antioxidants assist skin to heal itself and mend apparent damage by lowering inflammation. Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can help boost collagen formation, which is essential for maintaining young skin.


Antioxidants Aid In Skin Lightening.

Free radicals and excessive sun exposure can also cause changes in melanin synthesis in our skin, resulting in dark patches and uneven skin tone. Antioxidants can help prevent aberrant skin pigmentation by minimizing photodamage. Some antioxidants, including as vitamin C, also block tyrosinase, an enzyme that promotes melanin synthesis.

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How To Use antioxidant serums for face?

An antioxidant serum provides tremendous skin advantages, but it must be used correctly, just like any other skincare product. The sequence in which you apply your skincare products affects their overall efficacy, so pay attention to when you use a serum if you decide to incorporate one into your regimen. Serums should be applied after cleaning and any treatment products (such as an acne treatment gel), but before eye and moisturizing products.

When it's time to apply your serum, dab a few drops onto your hands and gently press it into your skin to help it absorb. Serums are quite strong, so use caution when incorporating one into your skincare routine. Keep in mind that your skin that your skin can develop allergies and sensitivities over time so be sure to patch test!

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Our Pick:

Dēpology antioxidants products for your skin are the most effective, safe and affordable way of adding antioxidants to your skin care routine. The antioxidant blend is comprised of both water and lipid soluble ingredients which makes them more stable, effective and bioavailable on the skin. They work to fight free radicals, provide dryness protection, improve the appearance of photo damage and help prevent further damage from occurring.

Antioxidant-rich substances, such as Ferulic acid, are effective in combating anti-aging issues, but their effectiveness is greatly enhanced when taken with the correct combination of chemicals.

This serum was created with performance in mind—while being gentle on the face, it not only combats pigmentation and aging, but it also acts to 'reset' the skin after exposure to our current times (such as sun damage, air pollutants etc.). This serum should be applied liberally all over the face and neck.

When used with our N.A.T Serum and our Pigment Repair Micro-Dart patches for added brightness, this serum is remarkably effective.

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A Summary : best antioxidant serum for aging skin

Antioxidants, in essence, strive to stabilize sneaky free radicals, preventing them from wreaking havoc on cells. Here's an example: oxidation causes the exposed flesh of an apple to become brown. When you squeeze lemon juice on an apple, it prevents it from browning.
Antioxidants accomplish the same thing: they neutralize free radicals, safeguarding your skin.

With the help of our Dēpology antioxidant serum it can combat free radicals by including antioxidants into our skin by applying them topically to our skin. Moderation is key, but we could all use a little extra antioxidant goodness in our lives and on our skin!