How to Treat Neck Wrinkles, from Tech Neck to Turkey Neck

Tech neck, turkey neck, jowls, or horizontal neck lines. Whatever you call them, neck wrinkles are a common complaint, but we often don't think to take care of our neck skin like we do our face. Many of us focus all of our attention on our face when it comes to skincare, but the neck is an area that can start to show signs of aging the quickest. Keep reading to find out how to reduce neck wrinkles and keep your neck firm and smooth.

Main Causes of Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles form through the natural aging process. After the age of 20, our bodies start to produce less elastin and about 1% less collagen each year. Collagen is an essential building block in our skin and keeps it firm and bouncy.

Other environmental and genetic factors can also make neck wrinkles develop more quickly. Depending on your family history or genetics, you may naturally produce less collagen and elastin. Harmful UV rays from sun exposure damage collagen and elastin in the skin, and smoking reduces the body's ability to produce collagen.

What is Tech Neck?

Tech neck, sometimes known as text neck, is a term that has recently become popular that describes the lines that form on your neck when you spend too much time looking down at your computer or phone. In addition to a lack of collagen and elastin, wrinkles are formed by repeated movements over time.

Especially in the last couple of years, many of us have been glued to our screens. Sitting in the same position for hours on end causes repetitive strain to neck muscles and contributes to horizontal neck lines and wrinkles.

What is Turkey Neck?

Turkey neck, which can be as unglamorous as it sounds, refers to sagging neck skin that happens naturally with age as you lose collagen and elastin and your muscles weaken. Its name comes from the way a turkey's neck appears saggy. I don't know about you, but I don't think my top choice of animal to be compared to is a turkey.

What is Jowling?

Jowling is similar to turkey neck and is caused by the same things, but it also includes the sagging skin around the cheeks, jawline, chin.

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How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

Neck wrinkles can be stubborn to get rid of. Tech neck is especially tough to manage since we can't really stop using our computers and phones (We're writing this article from a laptop, after all). However, there are ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the neck that don't require surgical procedures.

Develop a Neck Skincare Routine

Don't skip out on your neck when applying your daily skincare regimen. Your neck skin is just as delicate as your face skin, so why not show it some love? When applying serums and moisturizers, bring the product down to your neck and gently massage it in.

Look for products with retinol and Vitamin C, which help stimulate collagen production. Don't forget to use SPF on your neck to help protect it from harmful UV rays.

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Look for the Best Firming Neck Creams

Neck creams are formulated with specific ingredients that target neck wrinkles to help tighten, firm, and smooth skin. A good cream firms, smooths, and hydrates skin without irritating it. To get rid of turkey neck, creams with N-Acetyl Glucosamine are especially rejuvenating.

You should apply firming creams during your typical morning and evening skincare routines. You can even use a cream with SPF during the day and one with active ingredients to absorb overnight. Neck skin is delicate like facial skin, so cream should be applied gently, using light, upward motions.

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Try Firming Neck Masks for Turkey Neck

There are various masks on the market designed to reduce jowling for a tighter jawline. You can wear them for 15-30 minutes during the day or even wear them overnight for more impact.

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Invest in Tech to Reduce Tech Neck

The main reason we get tech neck is because of the way we look at our screens. Having good posture is essential to avoiding unnecessary neck lines. Limiting phone time can also have a positive impact.

If you use a laptop to work or watch Netflix on, it might help reduce strain on your neck to use a laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse to keep from looking down and to make sure you don't have poor posture, especially when you are sitting in the same spot for hours.

Be Mindful of your Lifestyle Habits

Smoking causes premature aging, so avoid smoking to reduce your chances of developing or deepening neck lines and wrinkles. Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated and plump, so drink plenty of water throughout the day.

The Final Verdict

Neck wrinkles from aging skin are entirely natural, but there are many ways to help prevent and reduce the various types. Don't skip out on your neck during your skincare routine and choose products with anti-aging ingredients, like the Depology Sculpting Mask. Small lifestyle and habit changes like getting a laptop stand and staying hydrated can further help to protect your neck long-term.